Excitement & Happiness – DAY 244

I’m excited because…

  1. Jeff took a personal day today.
  2. He let me sleep in this morning. (I woke up at 7, but that’s still sleeping in!)
  3. We’re going to the Philadelphia Opera tonight, which means we’re going out to a nice dinner too.
  4. Today is Mimi’s last day of work and she’s babysitting Bug for us tonight.
  5. I weighed myself this morning and have lost 2 pounds!
  6. March for Babies walk is on Sunday and the weather is going to be great. (Cool but with sunshine, great for walking 5 miles.)
  7. Team Patch has met and exceeded our team fundraising goal. (And if you haven’t donated yet, there’s still time!)

Things That Made Me Happy This Week:

  • I had a play date/shopping date with Corinne and David, who have moved to the Lehigh Valley and are much closer than they used to be.
  • I had a play date with Jordan and Teddy, and they’re some of the sweetest people I know.
  • I successfully set up a baby enclosure (“baby jail”) around the TV/electronics cabinet and plant in the family room to keep Bug from touching all of those things, helping me say “no” to him much less often.
  • I got to see my baby sister, Aunt Lana, as the awesome, strong woman she has become.

Happy Friday everyone, find some happiness to focus on. ย ๐Ÿ™‚