We Did It! – DAY 268

We participated in our local March for Babies/March of Dimes walk near Valley Forge, PA on Sunday, April 29th. To save myself some work and so you can get to the photos faster, here’s what I wrote in my thank you newsletter to all our sponsors. (The letters WILL BE mailed this week, I swear!)

Team Patch’s first March for Babies walk went off without a hitch! We had beautiful walking weather despite an iffy forecast, and walked almost all of the 4 miles. The event was so family friendly and was such a positive time for us. It was a powerful feeling to share Patrick’s early birth with a crowd of other families who have had similar experiences. Knowing we were helping prevent premature birth and assisting those families who have preemies was a great feeling too. We loved the community aspect of it all – Jeff and I even ran into our wedding DJ (from 4 years ago, wow!) who was the walk’s announcer. Patrick loved interacting with all the dogs!

Team Patch went above and beyond our $1500 fundraising goal – we raised $1882! We were so pleased that we were able just to meet our goal. Thank you to all of our team members for working (and walking) so hard. Our 2012 team consisted of seven members: Jeff, Sheila Fabish, Amanda Fabish, Alana Fabish, Shelley Millar, Susan Millar, and myself.

Most especially, thank you to YOU, our sponsor. We couldn’t have done it without your help. You found money to donate to our cause even in this tough economy. I can’t even begin to explain how much this means to us. Your support is a testament to how blessed we are with such loving and generous family and friends. Our hope is that Patrick will see and understand this blessing and as he grows older, it inspires him to do charity work of his own.

Your donations have gone on to help March of Dimes and their work to understand and prevent the problems that threaten our babies, and support local programs that help women have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. Team Patch’s work with March of Dimes is not done – we have been inspired and will continue supporting them next year and for many years to come.

Pictures were taken by both Shelley and myself. We’re still waiting for the professional photographer from the event to post the photos she took, so as soon as she does, I’ll see if I can share them here.

Team Shirts:

Team Photos:

Pre-Walk Photos:

Mandy, Shelley, Bug

Mimi and Bug

Lana and Mandy

Sue and Mimi

Mandy being a goof.

There were A LOT of people there!

Couldn’t believe our wedding DJ was MC-ing the event!

He remembered our wedding (4 years ago this July!)

We should probably email this one to him, he wanted a photo with each couple he DJ’d for at their receptions.

Bug was getting excited about the little yap-yap dogs barking nearby.

Jumping out of Mimi’s arms to pet them.


He liked his balloon too.

He found a big group of St. Bernards to play with.

He’s fearless. (Didn’t get that from me; I run from big dogs!)

Yellow labs too?!?

During the Walk:

Sue, Shelley, Lana, Mimi, Mandy

Pretty river view.

Shelley posing with “PEACE” in the background 😉

Cheerleaders to encourage the walkers.

PIGGY BACK RIDE! Only on Daddy Bug’s shoulders, of course.

But wouldn’t go to sleep unless he was in Mama Bug’s arms. Something about using boobs for pillows…

After the Walk:

Lunch! Included with the walk 🙂

Nom nom nom… loving hot dogs, bananas, and oranges.

Lana, Bug, and myself.

Up close!

Lana and Bug, both cuties ❤

“NICU graduate” – we love our preemie!


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