Pictures from NOT Our Trip – DAY 346

The trip posts are coming soon, I promise.

Until then, here are pictures from everything else since my last pre-trip post.

Our friends, the Shanes, had a birthday party for their son, Owen. They had a pinata!

Bug did a good job swinging the bat 🙂

He really liked it!

Another trip to the man store with Daddy Bug, another flag to love.

Bug got to try his first John Deer. I’m jealous!

Check out his cute new sneakers for day care, thanks Grandmama! (No worries, they have flexible soles since he’s a new walker.)

Reading his favorite book, Patrick’s Super Socks, in his room.

Bug had atrocious bed head a few days ago and I had to take pictures. ❤

Val & Ryan came over for a pool play date on Tuesday!

Bug mostly preferred to play by himself and only interacted with Ryan to whine at him when he played with Bug’s toys. Sigh, toddlers!

“Don’t you touch my water cup, either!” Poor Ryan, all he wanted was to play with Bug. 😦

As Val said, “drinks on the deck!” Times sure have changed… 😉

Also, dancing! (No sound, didn’t record any for some reason.)

Walking! – DAY 345

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth! We survived our 8-day road trip to South Carolina (several blog posts about this later) and I squeezed in a curriculum meeting at work and a play date before a 4-day visit from the in-laws, who left last night. And Bug started teething again; his molars are killing both him and my general productivity. 😉

So, I have a little catching up to do. Bug started walking! (These don’t show his first steps – it was so unexpected I wasn’t ready! And he now walks better and slightly more willingly than what you see here.)