Three Weeks Left – DAY 228

At this point, if you’re a regular reader, you’re probably sick of me writing about my March for Babies fundraiser. Well, I’m writing about it again! But only briefly and this time, with team pictures. 😉 (Here’s the background info about why I’m doing March for Babies, if this is the first time you’ve heard about it.)

Team Patch walks on April 29th, less than 3 weeks from now. We’ve raised $1,050 so far, woot! At over 2/3 of the way to our fundraising goal, we’re $450 short. If you haven’t donated and were still thinking about it, please do so soon. You can do it online through credit card or PayPal, or if you know me and where I live, you can give in form of cash or check either in person or through snail mail.

Money is tight for everyone these days and I’m not asking for huge donations. If you give online you can start as low as $5. If you mail or give it to me directly you can donate as little as you’re able to in change, cash, or check.

Here’s my team’s online fundraising site if you’d like to donate. If you already have (thank you again!) or can’t right now, could you go the fundraising site anyway and click on the Facebook “like” button? It’s free for you and will bring my fundraising more visibility! Thanks so much for helping me with my charity. 🙂

Team Updates:

  • Shelley joined us! That brings Team Patch to a total of 6 members (Me, Daddy Bug, Mimi, Aunt Mandy, and Aunt Lana. Pappy is joining us in spirit since he’s currently in Georgia. And Bug will be walking with us even though he’s too young to fundraise.)
  • We encouraged another preemie mom, a woman I know from high school, to start her own team to recognize her 2 preemie boys.
  • We had our team t-shirt decorating party last Friday. Hilarity ensued! Pictures below.

T-shirt design I made on the computer and printed to iron-on transfer sheets.

Aunt Mandy and Aunt Shelley, nicely posing.

And cue typical Amanda/Shelley photo shoot.

Half-naked Bug joined in.

Daddy Bug too!

Aunt Lana and Aunt Shelley, hard at work with puffy paints.

Sigh. This picture explains a lot about Aunt Mandy.

Aunt Lana's shirt.

Aunt Shelley's shirt.

Aunt Mandy's shirt.


Daddy Bug's.

I didn’t buy enough iron-ons for Mimi to make her shirt this day, she’s making her’s this week instead! Thanks Mimi. 🙂 And here are cute pictures of Bug from the same night.


7 thoughts on “Three Weeks Left – DAY 228

  1. Love all the pics! Love that cute little baby belly! Oh, and all the other cute people in the family!

    And those are some nice looking shirts!

  2. By the way, I wish I could join you on the walk! I never actually knew what March of Dimes did until you posted about it. I don’t like their fundraiser of sending people dimes and asking them to send a donation back. I like this fundraiser a lot better! 🙂

    • I wish you could too! I plan to keep doing it each year, so if you still want to when you return to the US, you’re welcome to join us.

      I didn’t know they did that kind of fundraiser, annoying! I really like this one and it’s a good excuse for me to walk and get ready for it (it’s a 4 mile walk). Thanks again for your donation!

  3. Looks like you had a blast with the t-shirts 🙂 Hope the walk goes well for you! I am really looking forward to ours next Sunday.
    PS…Patch is super cute! I would love our boys to meet & play one day…

    • Thanks, we did 🙂 Hope your walk goes well too. Ours is 4 miles so I hope we can handle it, Bug included. We’ll be packing lots of snacks and toys 😉 You must take pictures so I can see how your shirts turned out!

      I’ve been keeping up with your pics of Wesley, he’s completely adorable. I share his pictures with Daddy Bug and Mimi; we remember when he was born so unexpectedly soon after Bug’s somewhat early birth and have been following closely ever since. ❤ So happy Wes is doing well!

      Let's set up a play date! Email me directly or message me on Facebook and we'll do it.

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