365 Days of Mommy – DAY 365


It’s done. Mama Bug survived a year of maternity leave and blogging about it. And more importantly, so did Baby Bug, who is no longer a baby! I’m glad I chose to do this for a year. It has served as a fun way to communicate with family and friends near and far, was a good place to reflect on the awesome (and not-so-awesome) moments of having my first baby, and just helped me feel connected with the world during a time that could have been rather isolating. I hope documenting my experiences have helped others, or at least made them feel better about their own. But now it’s time to move on – even WordPress says so – I’ve used up 95% of my allotted blog memory, hah!


Bug is going to daycare for the first time this week (just half days to help him adjust), I’m returning to work for in-service days for the first time in almost 1.5 years, and Daddy Bug is helping out a friend with teaching marching band camp before he goes back to work the following week. We’re busy, busy, busy and the school year hasn’t even technically started. I’m excited to work with my colleagues again, be in my classroom, and do what I love to do, teach science. I’m excited that Bug is going to have new learning opportunities and get to spend more time with kids his age. I’m anxious about all these changes too, of course!


I’ve decided to continue blogging and have started a new blog, Bug Bites. I created a new blog because my blogging style will be different – think monthly posts, mostly photos and quick lists of updates (“bites” about the Bug Family). I hope that those of you who have followed my parenting experiences here will continue to follow them at my new blog! Daycare and working mom topics will rule, I’m sure. One of the big things we’ll be doing in the near future is moving out of my parents’ house, most likely this December. We’ve already started looking at rental options! In the more distant future, we plan on expanding our family and having a second baby (distant, distant, distant). So, there’s a lot to look forward to. 🙂

Goodbye to A Year of Mommy, you have served me well!

God’s Timing

Disclaimer: I’m not pregnant!

But this woman’s description of discovering her unplanned pregnancy amidst other big changes in her life highlights an issue I struggle with, God’s timing. More specifically, my timing and life plans not lining up with the timing and life plans God has for my family. I was literally in tears as I read this post. I need to be more accepting, focus on the good, not worry so much about the unknown, and be happy with what we have.

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