Apologies – DAY 265

So this one time, I didn’t post on my blog for 2 whole weeks. Oh wait, that’s this time.

Sorry bloggy friends! The craziness started with getting ready for March for Babies three weeks ago and today was the first day I’ve had time to use the computer. No complaints, I’ve just been busy: we’ve had house guests, a visit from Pappy, 2 graduations, a birthday, a house party, a dinner out, Mother’s Day festivities, a play date, a road trip, and my baby truly turned into a toddler overnight. I even chose to read instead of post – I jumped on the Divergent bandwagon at Aunt Mandy’s request.

Anyhow, I promise a new post with pictures and videos and updates and all that jazz soon.

Here is someone else’s humorous blog post for your Friday entertainment. Ya think she’s a mom of sons? 😉

Crib Surprise!

When Bug woke from his AM nap today, I was doing laundry and didn’t get him right away. After a minute or two, even though I could hear him moving around, he was very quiet. My mommy spidey sense was buzzing so I ran up the stairs. I opened the door to find this:




Looks like we’re lowering his crib mattress tonight! I have no idea how I’ll be able to put a sleeping Bug into the bottom of the crib… I may need a step stool, no kidding.