17 Months – DAY 355

Hard to believe Bug is almost 1.5 years old! He’s acting older and older every day, increasing my confidence in his ability to adjust to daycare. Speaking of day care, when Grandmama came to visit a few weeks ago, she helped us buy all the things Bug needed for day care. Thank you! We just found out that Bug can have his pacifier while he naps at day care, what a relief.

One of the coolest things Bug does now is identifying almost all the letters of the alphabet, most of numbers 1-9, some basic shapes, and some basic animals and their sounds. 🙂 He also identifies “dada” and “mama” in our pictures, and sometimes calls his aunties by his version of their names. He finally calls me “mama” to my face and has even started reaching out to me from Daddy Bug’s arms, something he never used to do! He says “heh” (help) when he needs it (a lot of hard work on my part to make that happen – I was getting really tired of his whining). He also says “side” when he wants to go outside and “ssya” (see ya) when he says goodbye.

Bug still likes reading to himself but will let us know when he wants us to read to him, either by whining or saying help. He is totally in love with his trucks and cars. He makes the appropriate sound effects to go with them and even says “car” and “k” (truck). He’s also turned into quite the mimic! We’re starting to be much more careful about what words we use in front of him, hehe.

Bug is a typical toddler when it comes to play dates. I previously mentioned his behavior when Ryan and his mommy Val came over. Unfortunately, he acted the same way when Caleb and his mommy Andrea visited last week. Sigh! I miss baby play dates. So much harder to have conversations with tantrum-ing toddlers!

Andrea took this photo of Caleb, Bug, and I on the play date. One of only a few moments when Bug wasn’t taking toys out of Caleb’s hands!

Bug is starting to feed himself with utensils, which hasn’t been super successful. But he has the interest to do it and it’s important for him to develop the motor skills. We bought him toddler appropriate spoons, forks, and even knives (although I’m not sure of their purpose – they don’t cut anything and if we had a play kitchen, they’d end up there for sure).

Teething picked up again after we returned from our road trip… Bug has been sucking down Tylenol like it’s his job. We think it’s finally abating now and only give it at bed time. I got a good look in his mouth last night and his molars are almost all the way through, whew. So glad this happened BEFORE starting day care! Bug helps me brush his teeth at night, which means I put my hand over his, wrapped around the toothbrush, and I push it around in his mouth.

The only other news is Bug started protesting his bed time. Really! We let him cry a few nights, coming in 2 or 3 times to try to settle him back down. He cried so hard the last night he protested bedtime that he actually puked a little in his crib. 😦 Which apparently is a normal thing if you let your kid cry long enough. So, not being sure what to do, we pushed bed time back from 6:30 to 7:30. It worked! No more protests.

We went to the Carr-Chandramouli wedding in July – Mimi took this picture of the Bug family. Typical poses!

Playing in the driveway with bubbles and chalk.

Our art work.

Bug likes to crawl with a piece of chalk in his hand. He leaves a trail behind him!

Playing with trains at Toys R Us.

Some old videos I came across from May:


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