Road Trip South: Irmo, SC – DAY 354

This one time, in July, we road tripped to South Carolina. With a toddler.

(Here are Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them!)

We left Santee, SC and drove to Irmo, SC next to visit with our friends, the Barbones. Andy is one of Daddy Bug’s good friends from high school, Jenny is his sweet wife, and they have two sons, Aaron and Gabe. We did two overnights with them and had a blast. Bug loved hanging out with big boys!

The first day we just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company. The last time we saw each other was 3 summers ago in Charleston, right before we found out Bug existed! We were so impressed with Aaron and Gabe’s manners and thought they were just so interesting.  (Older children, what a thought! I can’t wait to see Bug at their ages.) Bug started acting like an older child and did so many “boy” things around the Barbone boys. 🙂

The boys had fun that night with music.

Aaron played his violin for us!

The second day, Bug’s poor traveling sleeping habits caught up with us.

Twins! Again.

But we recovered and went to their local zoo/aquarium. Yes, both in the same place!!!

Some local fauna, lizard!

More local fauna, a lizard with a blue/purple tail.

Non-local fauna.

Bug loved playing with the flips on this panel.

I spotted a tiny little frog (I am the frog lady, you know).

We don’t have elephants at the Philly Zoo so I loved seeing this one.

Ginormous tortoises.

Gabe and Bug, best buds!


Aaron wanted in, too!

We cooled down in the aquarium before heading out. Bug was tiiiiired and needed a nap big time. I had to feed him his lunch in the car on the way home to keep him awake!

Frog, non-native species. 😉

One of my favorites.

Look at all the boys, Daddy Bug too!

I’m the person taking pictures with the annoying yellow light:

Sea turtle, so beautiful.

Reverse jellyfish, Jenny said I’d love them and I so did 🙂

The big tank window.

Sea urchin and star fish (Bug pointed to them and said “star”!)

My other favorite aquarium shot – Gabe and Bug in one of those bubble windows.

I fell in love with all the planting at this zoo, so beautiful! Ahh, nature appreciation.

Even the parking lot was beautiful!

That night we watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies (“cute or creepy?”) after Bug went to sleep. I unfortunately fell asleep during the Parade of Nations, which is my favorite part. I love seeing people from all those countries that I’ve never heard of, or at have forgotten about during the last 4 years.

The next day we went swimming in the neighborhood pool.

Bug, post pool and post chlorine rinse-off, wearing his new shirt from the Culbertsons. “I met new friends in South Carolina”.

He brushed his hair after I brushed it for him. ❤

We said good bye to the Barbones and left after Bug had lunch. He took a good nap in the car and only woke up because we stopped for lunch at McDonald’s drive through. He LOVED my vanilla milkshake, hehe!

Later on we made a stop at a middle school off of 95 so Bug could have a movement break and played on the swings at their park. We decided to try to drive the whole way back to PA in one day (and were successful! wow!). We made one last stop at an Applebees in VA where Bug had his first successful meal off the children’s menu!

He loved coloring and eating his grilled cheese and apple sauce. 😛

We got home sometime after 11pm that night with only one spot of traffic near Baltimore, the only traffic of the whole trip! We were so blessed to have this time together. I was impressed with how well Bug behaved and am so glad we decided to do this this summer. Thank you to all our friends and family who made this experience so fun!


5 thoughts on “Road Trip South: Irmo, SC – DAY 354

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  4. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful trip! Super impressed with Bug’s traveling skills. Analise has never done that well on car trips.

    What a smartie to identify the star!

    I’m so, so, so going to miss your frequent posts! 😦

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