Two More Great Mommy Blogs

A few days ago I was just remembering how when I started this blog, I featured mommy blog posts written by other women on a regular basis. I was sad that I hadn’t come across any in quite awhile because I found them to be touching, comforting, and motivating. And somehow today I’ve come across three!

  1. Lily Pads – Motherhood 101: The First Year (posted earlier today)
  2. Five in Tow – Counting the Hours
  3. Small Things – To See What We Can See (I’m in love with this entire blog. I’ve shared this post in particular, not because it’s a great mommy post, but because my mommy read it and thought of me. 😀 )

I hope my readers get something out of seeing what I’ve been reading and are as touched, comforted, and motivated as I am by reading them. (And not overwhelmed by me posting 3 times today!)

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