Road Trip South: Santee, SC – DAY 353

This one time, in July, we road tripped to South Carolina. With a toddler.

(Part 1 is here if you missed it!)

DAY 1:

After a really awesome trip from VA, during which Bug slept almost the whole time, we arrived in Santee, SC. We picked up our rental keys from a really… um, rustic… BBQ joint. I wish took a picture of it, there is no great way to accurately describe it!

To give you an idea of the surrounding establishments.

Not as clear as I had hoped, but this car was mounted nearby too.

Our rental was gorgeous but I forgot to take pictures of it. Sigh. I did take pictures of our view though.

On our porch, never has a child been so happy to be outside and NOT in the car!

(Daddy unpacked while I kept Bug occupied and took pictures.)

Our view!

To our right.

Love these water trees.

We weren’t right on the lake, but on a large inlet instead.


Mimi, Pappy, Aunt Lana, Aunt Mandy, and Aunt Mandy’s boyfriend Drew met us at our rental for dinner that night after we settled in. It was such a blessing we all ended up there this summer at the same time to see Pappy! After Bug went to bed and the rest of the family left, Jeff and I relaxed on the porch. Until we were attacked by ginormous mosquitos of course (gotta love the South)!

Unintentionally blurry shot but cool nonetheless.

DAY 2:

The road our rental was on used to be a main 2-lane highway road. When 95 was put in next to it, they retired the road as well as the bridge it was connected to, across Lake Marion into Santee. Now it’s a pedestrian walk way, so we took Bug there for his usual morning stroll.

Our inlet leading to the lake.

Cool tree stumps across the way (it’s a dammed lake, used to be a river).

On the bridge.

The bridge on the right side is 95.

Part of our inlet.

Docks on the inlet leading to the lake (and the pool!)

The pool with Lake Marion in background. I love SC and part of the reason why is their state flag with the palmetto tree. Had to take this picture, wish I had a crescent moon to go in the background!

Mimi, Pappy, Aunt Lana, Aunt Mandy, and Drew came over to use the pool that afternoon!

My Water Bug, taking after his Mama. He’s totally getting swimming lessons and a Y membership next summer. 🙂

Later that night we celebrated the Leo birthdays of Aunt Lana, Daddy Bug, and Pappy, at Pappy’s cabin across & further up the lake.

Ice cream cake!!!

With Aunt Mandy.

DAY 3:

Aunt Lana and Mimi came over for a morning swim with Bug and I. Later that afternoon, our friends Adam, Tiffany, and Brayton Culbertson visited us! We met Adam and Tiffany on our honeymoons to Mexico. ❤ We happened to reunite exactly 4 years later (our anniversaries are 1 day apart), this time with baby boys in tow. 🙂

I’m screaming “GENTLE!” the whole time so Bug didn’t squash Brayton.

Cutie Brayton.

Poor kids reacting to my “GENTLE” screams, lol.


Watching Bug’s movies, playing, having fun.

That night a crazy thunderstorm rolled in but we had a great time because the Culbertsons stayed with us overnight in the second bedroom. And since they’re parents of a young child, there was no pressure to stay up super late. Love this family! We plan to get together again in another 4 years 🙂

DAY 4:

We had a chill day, just the 3 of us McCoaches. So chill I’m having a difficult time remembering what all we did…

We found these cool ducks on our way to the pool that morning.

Did I mention how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE SC?

We had the pool to ourselves.


Want. to. get. into. water.

Pushing the stroller. This is a tantrum inducing activity if he can’t get it to go where he wants.

I decided there weren’t enough pictures of me.

Outdoor shower to rinse off the chlorine.

Later that night Mimi, Pappy, and Aunt Lana came over for a quick visit. It was nice to see Pappy one more time! We sure do miss him. 😦

DAY 5:

Our rental ended at noon and so we left after lunch, around Bug’s lunch time, since we learned he travels best then. We left to stay with the Barbone family!

No pictures from Santee this day, but I wanted to note that this is one of my favorite things about the South. RC Cola!

Come back for part 3 tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Road Trip South: Santee, SC – DAY 353

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  2. Love all the pictures and commentary! I keep wanting to be able to add comments to individual pictures, though, or hit the “like” button. Ah, Facebook! Anyway, I loved all the pictures. Thanks for sharing about your trip!

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