Road Trip South: Virginia – DAY 352

This one time, in July, we road tripped to South Carolina. With a toddler.

Our first leg of the trip started at 2:30am. We wanted to try traveling while Bug was sleeping and figured since he’s usually a good car sleeper, we’d go during his long night time sleep. It didn’t work the way we thought – he was awake for over an hour and was up for the day shortly after 5am. Eek! He had his one of two tantrums of the trip when we pulled over to get breakfast and change his diaper and clothes. He was so mad that I changed his diaper in the car! Ah well. It was smoother sailing after that.

Brushing his hair.

See the bags under his eyes? Not enough sleep!

We arrived at the Sprakers’ house in Virginia around 10am (they’re Daddy Bug’s best friend’s parents and like second parents to Daddy Bug). Bug loved playing in their driveway and beautiful front and backyards, but took forever to warm up to the Sprakers themselves. We’ll stay longer next time, not just an overnight, to make sure they get more quality time with him!

Playing piano.

Daddy loved it 🙂

Sitting on the front porch.


Ma Spraker was so generous and bought Bug this turtle bouncer, a Thomas the Tank Engine Pillow Friend, and Thomas the Tank Engine Bubble Gun! And lots of snacks too.

Playing in the basement with Pa Spraker’s trains.

Playing with the arm chair cover, being silly.

Chilling with Ma & Pa the next day.

I want your camera!

Playing with the oven like he’s not supposed to.

He wasn’t encouraged at all 😉

More piano.

Front door, love this shot!

Always on the move.

Ma is peeking through the background!


He stole Pa’s walking cane and tried to run (crawl) away with it.

Ma figured out the way into Bug’s heart is through technology.

We hit the road again after our overnight for the second leg of our trip to SC. We left after Bug had lunch, before his nap, hoping he would sleep. He did up until the last 30 minutes or so!

Beautiful VA mountains. ❤

You’re getting sleepy, verrrry sleepy…

More VA mountains, can’t get enough of them.

Approaching the peak of the mountains, literally driving through the clouds!

At cloud level.

Down in the valley, the valley so low… View from the top.

Probably my new screensaver shot.

Driving into a storm as we go down the mountains.

The focus wasn’t supposed to be on the water droplets but it was pretty cool.

Another unintentional focus, this time on my NSTA membership decal. Yes I’m a nerd.

More water droplets. Buh bye VA, thanks for your cool mountain storms.

Tune in for part 2 tomorrow!

And don’t forget about the final installment, part 3!


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