Mama Bug Miscellany – DAY 327

Quite a few goings-on this past week and next week and the week after that, keeping us all on our toes!


I’ve spent 2 half days at work, re-organizing my classroom. I don’t really understand why my sub didn’t use the labeled containers of rocks and minerals (I spent forever organizing those especially because I knew I was going out on maternity leave) or why she dumped them out and used them to hold other items when there were lots of new, empty containers to use. Also, I’m not saying my sub took things, but I found it suspicious that I’m missing exactly 3 of each type of item that is missing from my room. Could also be student theft – I mean “product loss”. (Something they don’t tell you when you’re student teaching is that kids lift stuff from your room all the time, and it’s considered normal and to be expected.) Anyhow, I’m happy to be back in my room and prepping for next year. I was finally able to make a to-do list of everything else that needs organization before the teacher in-service days in August.

I’ll be doing a curriculum day with several of my Earth Science ladies on August 1st so I’m doing a little bit of prep for that meeting as well. We’ll be sharing and discussing what we want to do or try for this school year. I have a good idea for a GPS lesson using geocaching! I also want to catch up on what has changed during the year I’ve been out.

I just got an email this morning from the special ed supervisor… I’m co-teaching again this year! But it’s with a teacher I haven’t taught with before (that’s why I got the email, to attend a workshop for people with new or different co-teachers). And no one notified me who my co-teaching partner is! I was able to play detective and think I figured it out, but come on. A heads up would have been nice. Anyhow, I’m excited to be co-teaching again (I wasn’t sure I would be since I was out last year) and happy to be co-teaching with the teacher I think I’ll be with.


Daddy Bug, Bug, and I are road tripping to South Carolina to visit Pappy this weekend! We’re doing an overnight to visit friends in Virginia on the way there and other friends in South Carolina before heading back home. Incidentally, it worked out that Mimi, Aunt Lana, Aunt Mandy, and Aunt Mandy’s boyfriend will all be visiting him around the same time. It’s turned into a reunion of sorts. 🙂

So now we’re struggling with what to bring with us and will my car have enough room for it all. The biggest issue is where will Bug be sleeping. We bought him a cot and napping sack (like a sleeping bag) but so far he won’t stay in it during his nap. We’re going to try putting a play pen around it tomorrow and see if he’ll stay in the general vicinity and maybe nap in the cot. If it works we can also use the cot when we go to the shore overnight in August. It will also prep him for napping at daycare.


Grandmama, Uncle Chris, and Aunt Rachel will be visiting us for a long weekend, after we return from our road trip. It will be nice because they’ll be around for Daddy Bug’s birthday! We plan to go out for dinner at Iron Hill Brewery and after putting Bug to bed, Grandmama will “monitor the monitor” while the rest of us go out for a little while. I’m coming up with a few kid-friendly activities for us to do the other days they’re here, including possibly going to the zoo, an arboretum, and the Crayola Crayon Factory. Temperature and timing will be a factor, as always, but I think it will be fun for all.

(This post pretty much describes the rest of my summer. Busy! Feels like it’s almost over! EEK!)


8 thoughts on “Mama Bug Miscellany – DAY 327

  1. Excited to hear about your road trip! We haven’t done such a long trip since Analise was super little, but in the few 2+ hour trips we’ve made to the airport and back in the spring and given how much he loves his books, I’d definitely recommend taking some books for him. I would keep them on my lap and then hand them back to Analise one at a time.

    And I can’t imagine keeping a child contained while sleeping! I keep thinking about the transition to a big kid bed and it makes me shudder! Hopefully the play pen thing will work!

    Also, that is so crazy to hear about the missing stuff from your room. I can’t believe that students or your sub would steal stuff. It seems so crazy to me. It’s so disrespectful. 😦

    Can’t wait to hear how the rest of your summer goes. Sounds like you’re finding lots of fun things to do!

    • Thanks for your travel suggestions! We were planning on bringing books since he loves them as much as Analise 🙂 Maybe switching from books to iPad and frequent stretch stops will keep him happy. He already likes to fall asleep in the car so I hope he does a little of that too.

      He actually fell out of the cot (eek!) so we’re sticking to his pack n play for this trip.

      Guess what else is missing at school? My classroom key ring! It has keys to my room, my filing cabinets, my desk, my display cases, and my supply closet. I think that warrants direct communication with the sub.

  2. hey! I hope you post a blog about what to pack/not to pack with a baby on a car trip! I am going to need that for when we travel home in September!! If not, just expect a facebook message from me 😉

    As far as the sleep thing goes, does he have any sleep cues? When I was working at daycare, a lot of the kids who slept in cribs would have a stuffed animal or “lovie” that they only had when it was time to sleep. And it helped transition them to a toddler bed/daycare cot…just a thought!

    • I will add that to my list of road trip related posts!

      He has TONS of sleep cues. We have kept the same sleep routine almost since birth. He has stuffed animals and a special blanket so we’ll definitely be using all of them for all the upcoming sleep changes, that’s for sure! Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks! I don’t but we have discussed it. I’m waiting to get a case because Chris, who helped us get a discount on the iPad, was also going to help us get a case but we haven’t seen him yet to get it. I’ll be sitting in the back seat with Bug so I can just hold the iPad at his feet or in his lap for him.

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