A Letter Love Affair – DAY 326

It all started at the park. Bug liked playing with the tic-tac-toe spinners mounted to the park equipment. I thought it would be fun to for him to trace the X’s and O’s with his finger and learn their names.

One day at story time, Bug went gaga over playing with a puzzle. I realized it was time to buy him a few puzzles for home (he had one but we didn’t leave it out for him since his favorite piece was the only was that was choking-sized). Mimi, Aunt Mandy, and I went our local second hand store, Liberty Thrift, and found 4 puzzles: letters, numbers, shapes, and vehicles. When he played with the letters, we would name whichever one he showed us, which he thought was a game.

When we realized Bug could identify a few (X is his favorite), I thought it was time to get on the computer and play at Starfall with him. (Check it out, my librarian friend Janice recommended it. It’s a fun way to enforce learning how to sound out letters and read.) He repeated most of the letter sounds without my prompting. We were blown away. πŸ™‚

Now he stops and points out any letters or numbers he sees for us to name for him – on t-shirts, on pictures, in books if the letters are large. Crazy! So happy he likes them that much. Maybe he’ll be an early reader? He already loves “reading” to himself!

EDIT: As was just pointed out to me, I wrote this post on Daddy Bug’s and my 4th wedding anniversary! ❀


6 thoughts on “A Letter Love Affair – DAY 326

  1. Wow, what a smartie! And I know I say this all the time, but he’s just so cute! I think, if it’s possible, he’s cuter every time I see a picture or video of him!

    Starfall does look pretty neat. Thanks for the tip!

      • I’ve decided there’s just something RIGHT about how God designed us to see our own children as the most beautiful children in the world. But it’s especially right when they actually are! As is obviously the case of our children. πŸ˜‰

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