Independence Day – DAY 324

Better late than never! July 4, 2012 was a hot, muggy, and humid day. But since Bug wakes by 6am every day, we took advantage of the cooler morning hours and visited the newly revamped Black Rock Sanctuary and the local fish ladder. It’s what all the cool parents are doing, educating their little ones about nature appreciation and saving the environment and stuff. πŸ˜‰

A little info about the sanctuary. Daddy Bug and I went to it once (waaay before Bug existed) when it was run down. They fixed it up very nicely!

This bush of yellow flowers was literally buzzing with honeybees. We don’t have any honeybees in my parents’ backyard so it was exciting and scary all at the same time.

If you look closely, you can see a honeybee in this picture. Unfortunately I took it with my smudged iPhone so none of the pictures are as clear as I would have liked.

Loved all the flowers blooming this day.

It looked like a stink bug but was all green. Perhaps it just shed its exoskeleton and was waiting for the new one to harden?

Stroller action shot. See the zooming of the ground going by?

A little education for ya. And my students this year too.

The actual maze, can’t wait to use it as an example this year.

Good to know for my very boring unit on freshwater. Part of my school district is in Chester County.

My name! Different spelling.

Bug says, “You really want to take my picture?”

Not today, too hot for that stuff.

This is my job!!! Hoping to find a way to share it this year.

Another kinda boring unit that could use some sprucing up, geologic time.

The river of water, as opposed to geo time in the previous image.

Another fun shot of flowers and bees. This one is a bumble bee.

Plants in the Black Rock butterfly garden (sadly no butterflies, too hot?)

Daddy Bug zooming around with the stroller.

Loved the purple and orange flowers together.

On our way to the fish ladder further down the road. Sunbeam!

The dam, the whole reason for the fish ladder.

Fish ladder is on the left of the dam so the fishies can pass down the river without getting caught.

Fisherman following the 100 feet fishing law.

More education πŸ™‚

Restoring these fish populations will allow for greater biodiversity in the river again, as the other fish species will follow.

Flowers on the way back to the car.

Hilarious action shot sequence of a family photo attempt.

Bug is saying “fwag”, his version of flag.


Ta da.

Yummy vanilla custard, festive berries, and some kind of liquor poured over top. Red, white, and blue dessert!


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