Shelley and Brian Got Married – DAY 323

Shelley and Brian are good friends of Daddy Bug and I, but are really more like family since Aunt Mandy and Shelley are best friends, Daddy Bug and Brian have been long-time friends, and all the rest of the people in my family are close with Shelley and Brian and all of their families too. So their wedding was a BFD.

I tried to not go overboard, but here are the photos. I took all the ceremony pictures, Aunt Lana took all the reception pictures, and Daddy Bug took a few of the outdoor pictures. (I forgot my camera again, so almost all are on Aunt Lana’s camera, lol.)


Aunt Mandy’s the blonde!
Daddy Bug at the front!

Steve, Brian’s dad.

Taking vows.

Exchanging rings. (Daddy Bug is hidden behind Brian!)

Lighting the unity candle.

Being presented, winding up for the kiss!
So sad it came out blurry! First married kiss, nonetheless.
Practically running down the aisle in happiness.
The “cool” couple from the wedding party. You’ll be seeing them again.
Bubbles outside the church.

Turning around for pictures in the church.

Cocktail Hour

Took these on our way into the reception. 😉
They used the same photographer, Liz Warnek, that Daddy Bug and I did for our wedding! She offered to take some family photos of us since we’ve given her 4-5 weddings worth of business since hiring her for ours.

Daddy Bug took these before the reception on his iPhone.

My hottie husband looks awesome in a tux.
With Aunt Lana
With Mimi
Ladies only!


The “cool couple” was announced wearing their sunglasses and talking on their cell phones.
First dance ❤
Loved her headpiece instead of a veil.

My friend Pam, Shelley’s sister, giving her maid of honor speech.
Daddy Bug giving his man of honor speech.

I’m in this one, behind the wedding party and to the left. Notice my shoes are off already, stupid heels! I did put them back on later for dinner buffet and dancing.

Jeff brought props. Zombie poster from the shooting range part of the bachelor party, really!
Aunt Mandy and her boyfriend, Drew.
The cakes. Yes, the groom’s cake is a Jack Daniel’s bottle.
All the Fabish ladies, current and former!

Mother of the groom dance (Liz)

Groom’s sister and father (Brooke and Steve), watching.
Father of the bride dance

The last picture Alana took of the night, hah!
EDIT: How could I have forgotten about this one?!?

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