Changes Are Coming – DAY 321

All this daycare business got me thinking about the future of this blog. When Bug starts daycare and I go back to work, posting on this blog ends (see the countdown to the right on this page?). My plan is to start a different blog and update it monthly, maybe on special occasions or if something truly momentous happens. I’m just worried about having time to do all the things I need to do, never mind want to do. (I went to work today to start organizing my classroom – 2 subs and over a year of maternity leave means lots of work, my friends!)

Speaking of changes, it’s time to document all the new things Bug has done lately. The most important of which is taking his first steps! Of course we didn’t take a video or pictures of him doing it as we were in complete disbelief it happened. Of course he refuses to do it again, stubborn boy that he is. He did it right before bedtime, when he’s least aware of what his body is doing, so he didn’t psych himself out of trying it. Before then he was doing a good job of walking when holding onto our fingers or hands (thank you Mimi for getting him to do this finally).

He’s been learning more words and signs. He has improved his approximations of some words (saying more of the whole word, rather than just a single part of the word) and has created new approximations for new words. Cookie, cracker, star, flower, flag… When he signs “thank you” he puts his hand to his ear instead of mouth. If you ask him to point to his nose he points to his ear too! We’re working on that. 😉 My favorite of his new signs is “book”. Did I mention he LOVES his books? 😀

Bug is down to one nap a day (mostly). He sleeps from around 11am-2pm depending on how busy he is before he naps. Lunch ends up being around 10:30am, but gets tricky because when he’s settled in his high chair to eat, he remembers that he’s tired. Getting him to eat lunch is challenging, especially since we’re trying to get him to eat non-pureed food in preparation for daycare. He’s still a power sleeper at night, 11-12 hours, and is always up by 6am.

Bug went for his 15 month well check. It was a disaster! He was deathly afraid of the paper on the exam table, wouldn’t be still when he was being weighed or measured (aka SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER THE WHOLE TIME), and I was so grateful that Daddy Bug was there to assist at this appointment. Honestly, he screamed less about getting his vaccines than he did for everything else prior to them. Anyhow, the stats: 26 lbs. & 4 oz. (70th percentile), 32 in. (75th percentile), 18.5 cm head circumference (50th percentile). Everything was fine but the nurse was worried about him only growing half an inch since the last exam. She even measured him a second time to be sure, lol (cue more screaming). As it turns out, he was in the 92nd percentile for height at the last visit and has evened out to the 75th percentile. No reason to worry. The doctor informed us that Bug’s fear of the exam paper was normal, most kids love the paper at 12 months (Bug ate it, really) and hate it at 15 months. I think it has to do with him remembering what happens at the doctor’s office!

I feel like Bug has done so many new things that I can’t remember them all and need to rely on photos and videos… so here goes!

Bug had a great time making a card for Mimi & Pappy’s anniversary!

And of course, since we love crafts, here’s the card.

I wanna go fast!

First ice cream cone! With Mimi.


Another day, another cone.

New use for his scooter.

Bug took this with an iPhone, hah! Edited by Daddy Bug.

Naked stair crawling, a new Olympic event.

Don’t pee on the stairs!

Beautiful guy.

Aunt Lana’s friend Sarah babysat for us during Shelley & Brian’s wedding and sent us this happy baby picture 🙂

Watching Cars with Mimi.

Bug knows how to make a mess. He pulled almost every toy out of the box this day.

Swimming in Daddy Bug’s friend Judy’s pool just a day ago.

He loooooved it. Can’t wait to take him to the beach!

Relaxing after a tough day at the pool.

Crazy tongue!

My sweet boy.


4 thoughts on “Changes Are Coming – DAY 321

  1. It’s amazing how time flies right? It’s hard to believe He (& Wes) are over a year old. Glad he’s doing so well! Wes started walking, & now almost running, about a month ago…prepare to never sit down again! ;). Wishing you the best of luck getting ready for school, etc. I will say that it will be hard at first, but he’ll adjust & be just fine. Let me know if you are somehow heading north in Pa anytime soon…playdate would be awesome! Take care!

    • So happy our little fighters have turned into such strong boys! I ran into a friend recently who hasn’t seen Bug in person in a long time. She couldn’t believe he turned into a little boy 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your experience. We’re hoping for the best, expecting the worst, and maybe finding something in between that works for everyone.

      I was thinking we could meet at Cabelas before school starts, I’ll message you a day or two that we’re free!

  2. Oh, I didn’t want the pictures to end! Love the video with the aunties! I am so sad to think that you won’t be posting in a short bit. I’m going to miss you!!! You should at least post pics occasionally. It’s so nice to be able to see this small bit even though we’re far away!

    • No worries, I’ll start a new blog that’s mostly pictures and just the big updates 🙂 I like blogging because it’s a fun way to keep up with everyone, just don’t think I can write one that’s as detailed as this. I like your monthly posts and will stick to something more like that!

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