Taking Care of Me – DAY 313

I’ve spent so much time with our daycare search and taking care of my busy Bug (and hanging out with Mimi and the aunties while they’re all home again for a short time!) that it’s been all-consuming. Daddy Bug was the best man for Brian and Shelley’s wedding this past weekend (congratulations guys! keep an eye out for a wedding post soon) so that added a whole new level of busy to our lives. I also babysat for my friend’s children, Owen and Jacob, the week before the wedding.

I had a restorative girls’ night a few weeks ago with the Rutkowski ladies and my mom and sisters at a Phillies game – box seats, free food and drinks, and a fun time at the Rutkowski house afterwards. Thank you friends, it was much needed!

Nom nom nom!

Our view. With air conditioning and private bathroom… this was the best baseball experience of my life.

A few other things I’ve been doing for myself included finishing one book and starting another. (I’m finding that my online reading is taking over time for my print reading, eek!) I finished Darwin’s Camera. It was a historical perspective of the use of photography in science and how Darwin’s use of it helped photography itself take off in popularity and as an art form. I highly recommend it for photography enthusiasts and scientists (or science teachers) alike. I’ve started skimming What Happy Working Mothers Know. Most of it is common sense things to do to be a happy person in general, so it’s been a good reminder to stay positive. There a few worksheets and activities that I’m waiting to do until I start work again (perhaps a winter break activity?) and I’ll read the book more thoroughly then too.

Speaking of reading, I’ve joined Daddy Bug’s book study group – we’ll be reading Creating Innovators starting next week. All the discussions occur on Twitter and Edmodo, so it’s all online. We’ve invited everyone in our PLNs (personal learning networks) and have a great mix of people in our group. We’ve been having preliminary weekly discussions on Twitter (#cichat if you want to join!) on Sundays at 8pm. Since we haven’t started the book yet, it’s been about general innovation in education, in teachers, in students, in class scheduling, etc.

Some other professional development stuff I’ve been working on is becoming a member of NSTA, creating and using a separate Twitter account for all things education, science, and technology (@cmacsciteach if you want to follow), and following a few ed tech and science ed blogs to keep myself current in both areas. I’m working on a fun lesson involving smart phones/GPS/geocaching for this school year, based on my district’s more relaxed electronic device policy. I’ll be meeting with some of my fellow Earth Science teachers for a day this summer to discuss things we want to try this school year. I also plan on spending a few days getting my classroom back in order before school starts (2 subs and over a year of maternity leave, I can’t imagine the amount of work I’ll need to do!).

As far as fitness goes, I lost another pound a few weeks ago (just under 8 pounds total loss!). Somehow I’ve managed to maintain that weight despite attending a shower, a wedding rehearsal dinner, the aforementioned wedding, and not really counting calories at all. It’s a miracle! I’m still not ready to try on work clothes yet – I’m saving that torture for August, hoping I’ll be a little skinnier and more likely to fit in those clothes. Bug will be trying out the Kid Club at our gym the next time Daddy Bug and I go together, so I’ll be working out regularly again (and Bug will get a little taste of ‘daycare light’).

Daddy Bug did a good job recognizing my mommy and wifely awesomeness recently by surprising me with these! Good move, dude. 😉


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