My Buggy Boo – DAY 294

By the Numbers:

Bug is now 15 months old! He hasn’t been to the doctor for official height and weight checks yet, but we rigged him up on our bathroom scale and estimate he is 25-26 pounds. He ripped down a paper height chart I taped to the back of his door and I haven’t put it back up (no place is safe!) so no guesses for how tall he might be. I just noticed in the past few days that the fat around his wrists (rubber band wrists) is going away. Same with his chubby cheeks! He moved up to size 5 diapers but I think once he starts walking he could go back to 4’s. He’s been wearing 18 months size clothing since before his 1st birthday and has worn a few 2T sized t-shirts.


Bug is working on 2 new teeth in the front of his bottom gum and I’m fairly certain he’s working on his bottom left molars. Which had to him reverting to using his pacifier during nap time (we never took it away from him at night… we enjoy our sleep too much to take it away just yet).


Speaking of naptime, we’re trying again to move him to one nap instead of two, in the middle of the day. It should be 11am-2pm but he often doesn’t make it past 1. Which raises his crankiness levels until bedtime (around 6:30pm depending on how much we can stand him!).


No walking yet, just very fast crawling. Seriously, he’s gotten scarily fast and we really have to keep an eye on him! Mimi convinced Bug to let us hold his hands/arms so he can practice walking. It’s not his favorite thing to do but when properly motivated he gets very excited about being able to do it. He even tries to jump and watch his feet while they move. 🙂 We’ve caught him standing and balancing on his own for longer and longer periods of time but again, he must be properly motivated or distracted to do it. When he crawls now he likes to leave one leg in position so he can stop and turn or stop and sit quickly. Also, he puts himself up on his hands and tippy toes (think downward facing dog!) like he’s going to push himself up into a standing position. We are excited for him to actually try to stand that way instead of pulling himself up on furniture. I’m hoping these activities are ok enough for the doctor to say he’s not behind. I really feel like walking is the last milestone for us to be worried about concerning Bug’s prematurity.


Bug is doing a great job speaking with inflection, making his babbles sound more like sentences, statements, questions, etc. He says “f-f-f-f” for “flower” (which he loves picking and giving to a nearby adult, only sometimes eating it) and “dadada” to Daddy Bug. He repeats everything he hears, even if he can’t make all the sounds correctly just yet. Before naps and at night he waves goodbye, blows kisses, and even says “ni-night”. Sometimes he does this even if he’s not going upstairs to sleep. 😉 When we ask him, “Where is Patrick?” he points at his chest. He is doing well with signing, including with a video he watches every day. In it, the children sign “shh” (1 finger on lips), “sit” (laying 2 fingers from one hand onto 2 fingers on the other), and “listen” (cupping 1 hand behind an ear). He mostly learned to do those from watching the video, with little help from us!

Play Time:

Bug still love dogs and cats and will chase them until they stop running away so he can cuddle with them. He cuddles with all his stuffed animals. He pets Daddy Bug’s chest hair (really!) after pulling his shirt down to examine it first. He stacks his cups during bath time and his blocks when he’s downstairs (2 or 3 cups/blocks at a time). He created a game of hide and seek by crawling very quickly behind a kitchen chair (the same chair each time, lol) and calling out until one of us enters the room and makes a big deal about not being able to find him!

Pictures and Videos:

Climbing stairs montage! (We’re finally ordering baby gates for the stairs.)

Cuddles with a stuffed dog.

With Daddy Bug. Matching clothes!


Even his tongue is relaxed.

Bug is a boy after my own heart. He loves media!

… Print

… And Digital


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