Daycare – DAY 289

Another “HELP ME!” post…

Daddy Bug and I are starting our daycare search for Bug. I’m looking for your input to help us narrow down the choices – I hadn’t noticed until recently how many are close by!

Bug will be 18 months old when he goes (about halfway through August). We live/work in the in Methacton and Spring-Ford Area School Districts and would prefer to confine our search to that area.

  1. Where do your children go for daycare? Even if it isn’t nearby.
  2. Is it easier for you to have the daycare closer to work or closer to home? Why?
  3. What qualities did you search for to choose a daycare? Why did you choose your current daycare?
  4. How much should we expect to pay for daycare?
  5. What else should a newbies like us know about daycare in general?

This is kind of an overwhelming task so I really appreciate your help. Thank you. ❤


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