Bug’s 1st Science Experience – DAY 280

Bug is really a science experiment in and of himself… 😉 We took Bug to the Franklin Institute for the the first time over Memorial Day Weekend. He had a blast (we were there for over 2 hours) but I’m looking forward to when he’s a little bit older and can get more out of the experience. All in all it was a fun, happy day!

Bug wanted to show us how he was a big boy and tried to push the stroller around.

He liked the Changing Earth exhibit because it had the biggest TV he had ever seen! (I liked the same exhibit because it was about everything I teach.)

Making earthquakes with Daddy Bug.

Checking out different animals and what makes their blood different colors.

At the top of the big heart with Mama Bug – it was quite the experience, carrying a 25 lb. wiggly baby up and through this thing. It’s really narrow and steep in some parts!

Whew, we made it out.

Next we went to see a 3D movie about meerkats. Bug wanted to eat the glasses instead of wearing them.


Just kidding.

Then we went to the Aviation exhibit.

Flying the fighter plane!

Pappy, Bug might have a future in the Air Force. Don’t get mad!

Wind tunnel room – I thought he would hate it for sure.

I was so wrong!

My boys.

We went to the Electricity exhibit next; it was a really big hit!

BIG light switch.

BIG favorite.

He really liked this light board that lit up if you used your cellphone next to it.

Lights, cellphones, what could be better?

Posing with Ben.

Running (crawling) away from Mama Bug.

Don’t fall down the marble stairs, please! (This was entertainment for guests walking by.)

With me this time.

Pretty cool shot. Thanks, Daddy Bug!

Before we left, we discovered Bug loves flags.

Especially American flags.

How appropriate is this for Memorial Day Weekend?


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