Shelley’s Shower – DAY 277

I spent part of Memorial Day weekend ruining my diet celebrating my friend Shelley and her upcoming wedding! It was really relaxing to have an afternoon off from mommy duty and not being responsible for the party. Her sister Pam threw the party in her beautiful backyard in a tent with a caterer and the whole deal. So simple and perfect, exactly what a shower should be.

Our awesome gift wrapping!

The invitation said to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” when we wrapped our gifts, so we used paper we already had and the plethora of drawings Bug has been creating.

We added a few adult doodles to Bug’s creations.

Mimi even used the drawings to make bows 🙂


Yet somehow she knew to wear a dress…

Mimi and Aunt Lana

I have crazy hair! It was a little humid.

The happy couple! Brian stayed for the whole shower.

Pam, giving a maid of honor speech.

Opening gifts. Oh, that’s our gift? 😉

She asked her bridesmaids to save the drawings.

Note the awesome buckets of wine.

Cute gift! It contained a list of things to do during their Hawaii honeymoon and a gift card to use to do some of them.

Cousin Wendy kept all the bows and ribbons to make a bouquet for the rehearsal.

We’ll end with the cake. Nom nom nom. And pretty too!


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