Memorial Day – DAY 275

Ahh, long weekends are the best. The Bug family has been having a great time together. (Just the 3 of us this time, Mimi and the aunties are cruising to Bermuda the next 7 days!) I’ll post pictures of our weekend adventures later this week.

As much fun as long weekends are, let’s not forget why we have this holiday – our fallen soldiers. Thank you to Julia for posting it originally (her husband is in the Marines).

Memorial Day is a sad day for me. If you know me personally (or at least read this recent post) you know my father, Pappy, has served in the ARMY for many years, through both active duty service and in the Reserves. We have been through a lot as a result of his sacrifices for our country. Fortunately, those sacrifices haven’t involved the loss of his life… but we cannot forget those who have served and sacrificed in the ultimate way. I’m sure those soldiers would have considered it an honor to die for their country but I’m always sad for their families.

I wanted to share this adorable photo of my son and my soldier. Coincidentally, it was taken on another military holiday – Veteran’s Day 2011. Thinking of you today, Dad! (He’s currently stationed in South Carolina.)


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