My Little Artist – DAY 271

Bug and I went to Target at the beginning of this week and bought him his own chunky crayons and Pip Squeaks markers, as well as his own pencil box to hold them all. I spent the extra money to get Crayola brand products as they are my favorite. I love office and art supplies and was sooooo excited for this day to finally come!

To make this a Bug-friendly activity, I put him in his high chair so he couldn’t run away and color on the carpet, wood floors, or walls. Also, I taped the coloring paper to his high chair tray so all he had to figure out was the coloring part. I bought both crayons and markers because I didn’t know if he would be able to press hard enough to enjoy the crayons. I also made sure I bought washable crayons and markers, which turned out to be the best feature.

The pictures were taken over a span of 2 days by both Mimi and myself. 🙂

The tears are leftover from me prying a crayon out of his hot little hand.

Yup, pink marker on the face.

He rubbed the marker from his wet, slobbery hands onto his face.

Lessons Learned:

  • Bug likes crayons because he can color with both ends.
  • Bug likes crayons because he likes biting into them…
  • Bug likes markers because they’re easier to color with.
  • Bug likes markers because he likes coloring his hands…
  • “Washable” also means “highly transferable by sweaty hands”.
  • Washable markers come off his high chair tray (and hands, and face, and floor) with just a bit of running water in the sink.  Woot!

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