Tent Time – DAY 270

My boys!

Daddy Bug and I recently purchased a Sun Smarties Family Beach Cabana from One Step Ahead (we bought Bug’s pool from them too). It was for beach trips but we were so excited to use it we set it up in the backyard.

Both the front and back of the tent unzip and tie back, even though only one side is open in this picture. I recommend keeping both ends open on a hot, still day as it can get a little warm inside. However, with even just a little breeze, you can close either or both the front and back because the mesh sides allow air flow (more mesh info below). We like closing the front or back based on where the direct sunlight is coming from, to protect Bug’s skin and eyes.

We love that it comes in a carrying case the size of a backpack; you can even carry it that way. Also, it snaps open/folds shut pretty easily. We think it would work well with multiple small children and might be a good place for changing, eating, and napping on the beach (we say “think” as we only have one child and haven’t used this on the beach yet…)

The sides are made of breathable mesh, as you can see behind the boys in this picture.

They also have flaps on the outside that cover the mesh if you want privacy inside.

A blade of grass!

Look over there!

And up there!

A fist full of grass!

No smiling, Daddy.


You can use the included stakes to anchor the tent to the ground. It also features pockets on the outside that you can fill with sand to do the same thing.

Bug liked the stakes.


Mama Bug time!

Being suspicious. Why does Daddy have the camera?

Uh, no mouth, please.



The rest of these pictures are from the backyard and have nothing to do with the tent, other than they were noticeably blooming on the same day and I couldn’t resist taking a few photos. 😉

Clematis on the fence that Daddy Bug built this spring.

We didn’t know if they would come back – they were badly damaged during the hurricane last fall.

Another type of clematis on the side fence.

LOVE the color of this bloom.


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