Mimi Babysits – DAY 251

Last Friday night, Daddy Bug and I went to the opera in Philadelphia. Mimi came home from her last day of work early to take care of Bug for us and they had quite the evening. Before I had the chance to check in with her, Mimi had texted me.

“Please don’t be mad at me but I gave your baby more food other than what you left for dinner!”

“No worries, we would never be mad at you for feeding our hungry baby.”

“He kept screaming and crying when he saw the empty food containers so I kept feeding him until he stopped. He ate a full container of apples & chicken, half of a container of jello, half of a container of apple sauce, half of a grilled cheese sandwich, and a whole graham cracker. Plus all the Cheddar Bunnies he had throughout the afternoon and some after dinner too.”

“!!!!!!! He’s having a Very Hungry Caterpillar Saturday… have Jeff and I been under feeding him?!?”

As it turns out, he was crazy busy active all afternoon and might have been experiencing a growth spurt. 😉 Mimi sent a few pictures to illustrate their evening.

Finally full.

Looky where I fit!

30 seconds later, stuck and hysterical.

Ahh, the Cheddar Bunnies. Happy another 30 seconds later.

MIMI!!! This is so AWESOME!


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