Spring Crafts – DAY 243

I’ve worked on several spring crafts this season. Two were for events and the other was a birthday gift.

March for Babies t-shirts (pictures originally posted here, and there’s still time left to donate online to Team Patch here!)

Table number cards for Aunt Lana’s sorority’s final public event for the year. She planned, set up, and ran the whole luncheon and ceremony herself!

The cards were 3" x 4" cut from cardstock.

I cut the numbers and flowers out of regular scrapbook paper with a bold font, using my Cricut.

I tried to mix and match the different kinds of paper for variety.

(I like #12's paper the most.)

#19 looked the best though! I outlined all the numbers and flowers with a complementary colored pencil. The flowers were embellished with a grey or silver pearlized flower sticker in the center.

It was also senior recognition and mothers-of-seniors recognition. Mimi got pinned!

I helped with the design (not so much the assembly!) of the Peeps centerpieces.

Caleb’s birthday present. I printed black and white photos of them from all their play dates, cut them for space and shape, and made a little collage on a piece of scrapbook paper. I bought white letter stickers for their names and adhered them to a scrap of the same paper I used in the collage. I added the frame so it could be hung up on a wall.

I used the computer to make the tag on his gift bag too. Punched a hole in the top and found some cute ribbon to string it with.

What kinds of crafty things have you been up to lately? I’d love to hear about them!


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