Caleb’s 1st Birthday Party – DAY 242

A few weekends ago we attended Caleb’s ducky-themed first birthday party! Andrea did such a great job with food and decorations – everything was blue and yellow and, well, ducky! Favors were helium balloons tied to ducky shaped bubbles. πŸ™‚ We were honored to see that Bug made it on several of Caleb’s picture poster boards that illustrated his first year of life.

They had ducky ponds and it was warm enough for the kiddies to swim! Water Bug loved it, of course.

Thumbs up for pools!

πŸ˜€ With Daddy Bug.

On the belly because crawling in water is cool.

Clap clap!

Bug loved their hammock so now we're going to have to get one too!


And we're getting one of these awesome balls too as Bug doesn't mind crawling around on the grass.

Birthday boy Caleb in the background!


Smiling at his mommy!

Picking grass to eat. Really.

Teddy was there with his mommy Jordan!


Teddy wants to pet Princess Lea too.

Girl watching. Well, watching a girl dog, they could have cared less about actual human girls.

It seems that we're depriving our sons by not having dogs of our own. πŸ˜‰

Shortly after this Bug touched Princess Lea's butt hole. We super sanitized his hands, lol.

Inside playing with Daddy Bug.

Lots of kiddies at the party!

Caleb attempting to open a gift. Tissue paper rocks!


6 thoughts on “Caleb’s 1st Birthday Party – DAY 242

  1. awww i’m honored that caleb’s birthday made it into a post! i love all the photos and commentaries. sorry about the butt hold incident…we’ve had many of them!

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