Getting In Shape Update – DAY 241

(For anyone who saw this post published before it was done, Bug decided to “help”. He also renamed a few files for me too. Stinker!)

It was a good thing I lost those 4 pounds before I started counting calories. I weighed myself on Saturday and again on Sunday to be sure… haven’t lost any weight in the past 7 days. HMPH.

But numbers aren’t always important. Since I started last week, my size 8 petite clothes are too big. And I noticed my waist looks and feels flatter than it did before (morning time only, lol). Which is good because my real fitness goal wasn’t to weigh a certain amount, but to fit into my old clothes for weddings this summer, and more importantly, for work this August. I’m on my way!

To take things up a notch, I should probably start adding more physical activity to my life. I’ll need a routine and I have a few ideas. I’ll be sharing them when I decide what exactly I’m doing.


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