Happy Friday! – DAY 237

TGIF! Hope you’re rooting for the Flyers tonight, I will be!!!

Bug Update:

  • He now signs when he wants to eat by bringing his hand to his mouth, back and forth (sometimes!). He learned to sign “sit down” from a toddler video he likes to watch on YouTube. He sometimes signs it if I ask him to sit down when I change his clothes too!
  • He claps his hands at the appropriate times when watching “If You’re Happy and You Know It“. He also does this when he does the Flyers cheer with Daddy Bug!

Game 3 - SCORE!!!

Preparing for Game 4, Go Flyers! (Yes, they lost badly, but he loves his hockey stick.)

  • Well, he’s crawling everywhere. Baby proofing has to happen soon or he’ll think I say “no” to everything.

Stuck. And screaming. Look how red his face is! So of course I snapped a picture before rescuing him.

  • He’s been really good at responding to “no” so I think that’s a good sign!
  • He can move from a crawling position to sitting, finally! He pulls from kneeling to standing on the green chair in the living room, and he’s attempting to cruise. He moves his hands better than his feet which frustrates him.
  • We’re transitioning his naps from his AM 1 hour and PM 2 hour to just one, 11am-1:45 or 2 PM. Mornings are challenging but he’s starting to get the hang of it. It helps if he’s slept all night, which he is finally doing again! Mama and Daddy Bug are thrilled. 😀
  • He Face Timed with Pappy on Easter and liked it. Then he got confused and kept holding his hands/arms to the iPad screen so Pappy could pick him up. Poor kid!
  • He’s turned into a water baby. He loves being in the pool so we’re excited to take him swimming in the ocean this summer! He definitely takes after his mommy. Perhaps we should call him “Water Bug” now?

  • Bug likes to eat mulch, among other new foods.


He looks like a little preppy frat boy ❤

Playing a game on Daddy Bug's iPhone.

Reading with Daddy Bug. Love my boys 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy Friday! – DAY 237

  1. gosh he’s so big!! I remember when you first started this blog he was so tiny! :sigh: time flies!

    I remember when we took our niece to the beach for the first time, She LOVED the ocean…hated the sand. It was actually really hysterical lol

    • Yes, he’s a big boy now! My sister and a friend of hers visited yesterday and said they didn’t think he looked like a baby anymore.

      Bug doesn’t mind crawling on the grass, so I’m hoping he doesn’t mind sand either. But wow, a crawling baby on the beach… scary!

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