Trim & Slim By Summer? – DAY 235


  • March Abness/Mad Abs March went well the first 2.5 weeks. And then not at all for the remainder of the month (in all fairness, both my abs partner and myself were going through stressful times and abs fell by the wayside).
  • I unknowingly lost 4 pounds in the month before starting my diet, and wasn’t aware of it until 2 days into dieting.
  • I’ve started dieting. Not like these nutzos (I’m offended – Bug needed a feeding tube in the hospital because he couldn’t eat, these crazies choose them to diet!). I’m doing it by counting/restricting calories and eating healthier foods (think Weight Watchers guidelines). Now that the weather is nicer I’m also trying to walk at least once a day with Bug.

Some dieting details for you. Mimi (my weight loss partner) and I downloaded a free calorie counting app called Calorie Count. It has all kinds of layers to it other than counting including articles, forums/social networking, and logs for water, weight, activity, and food (that’s the counting part, the part I use the most). An analysis section analyzes your logs to show how many calories you burn compared to how many you take in, as well as how nutritiously you’ve been eating (vitamins, minerals, etc.) Another section called My Calorie Camp tracks how well you do each day by assigning you a letter grade and gives you goals to keep you motivated.

To use the food log/calorie counter section you start by entering the food and beverages (other than water) you consume. You can do this by entering it manually, scanning its barcode, or searching the app’s database. A running total of your daily calories is at the top of the page but it also breaks down the total into each meal and any snacks you eat as well. It tracks carbs, fats, and proteins too. When you’re finished for the day, you hit the “complete” button and submit your daily report (I choose not to share it, but you can do so with all the other people who take advantage of the social networking aspect.) You can go back in time and see how you’ve done in the past and even enter food for the future if you’re so inclined.

I accessed the app’s website and came across their Calorie Target tool. I entered my current weight, goal weight, gender, age, height, and activity level. I left my goal date blank so they could give me a healthy time frame. They predict I can safely be down to 120 pounds by June 28 at a steady rate of 1 pound a week! I shouldn’t have more than 1213 calories a day, and they warned me not to go below 1200 calories as that is not safe or healthy.

I’m excited to do this instead of Weight Watchers this time around. As I mentioned before, I’m still using the principles of Weight Watchers to make healthy food choices, just not doing the points. A big thank you goes out to Daddy Bug for cooking delicious, healthy dinners and supporting me. 🙂



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