Aunt Mandy Babysits – DAY 231

Aunt Mandy babysat Bug when she was home on her Spring Break. As I previously posted, Daddy Bug and I went to a Flyers game in the city for date night 🙂

About 2 hours after we left, I texted Aunt Mandy to see how it was going. Bug had been particularly cranky and awful that day but I hoped he was being nice to her.

“Everything ok?”

“Down and out just a few minutes ago. He was so pleasant with me!”

“Yayyyy!!! We’re very relieved!”

“Loved playing in the car after dinner. We stayed out for almost 40 minutes but then it got chilly. He attempted to eat the Japanese Maple leaves but even if he did it’s nontoxic. In fact it’s used in some Japanese dishes (I checked.)”

“Haha! Just told Jeff we picked a good babysitter tonight. 🙂 ” (Laughing hysterically at Bug jumping out of the car.)

“We toured the font and back yards a few times. And sat quietly on the swing a bit. Excuse the awful photos of me!”

“Love them all especially the last one. ❤ ”

“Me too! Bath was fun, I sang Baby Beluga and Bug looooved it, and I’m still soaked. He was super ready for bed after we got PJs on and brushed hair. Took all 6 ounces [of milk] and only need 10 minutes of rocking. Haven’t heard a peep out of him. The house of course is a disaster zone because that dumb baby doesn’t pick up his stuff and his dumb babysitter hasn’t figured out how to multitask with a baby, haha.”

“Hahaha! You might need a nap after all that. Love you!”

“Have fun tonight! Enjoy yourselves! See you later.”

Thanks Aunt Mandy!


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