Let the Crawling Escapades Begin! – DAY 229

Yesterday, Bug pulled the door stopper off the wall and chewed on it. He figured out how to slam the CD drawer open and shut. He also found a non-board book, ripped off the paper jacket, and chewed on it! And we felt relief when he finally started to crawl?!? 😉

In other news, Bug seems to have completely abandoned sleeping through the night. He’s even been waking 2-3 times a night, instead of his usual one wakeup for his bottle. When we put him in his crib he actually cries and carries on. I miss putting him down at night and him settling down on his own, even if he was awake when he went in the crib.

Is this a preview of toddlerhood? Eek!

Some current photos I haven’t posted yet:

Bug playing outside with bubbles on a nice day and in a fun outfit.

He totally put the purple bubble wand in his mouth. Several times.

Tulip in the front yard.

Pretty cloud that kept curling and changing in the coolest ways.

My camera didn't really capture it the way a video of it could have. Ah well!

Playing with Daddy Bug when he came home from work.

Hanging out with the mailman.

Bringing in the mail.

Blech, all bills!

Cherry blossom cookies I made based on a something I saw on Pinterest. Mine aren't nearly as cool looking.

Blossoms on the tree at sunset in my parents' front yard.

ARMY green pictures for Pappy!

Cutie pie with rosy cheeks 🙂

Daddy Bug and I went on a date to see the Flyers. They actually won the game! Look for a future post about how babysitting Bug went that night. 😉

New haircut, short and flippy on the ends.

Daddy Bug will be making an nice amount of unexpected money for judging color guard championships. He surprised me with an iPad 2, I'm so lucky! I love it!!! Can't wait to use it at work too 🙂


4 thoughts on “Let the Crawling Escapades Begin! – DAY 229

  1. I think your kid and mine must be talking and conspiring against us together. Analise has been crying at bedtime. It’s so terrible. We have such a solid routine and I had been told that should help, but every time I lay her in the crib, it seems like it shocks her and the tears and sobs come. It’s so sad. I miss the days (when she was under 6 months old) when she just turned her head to the side to go to sleep. I definitely thought it was supposed to get better, not worse! Ugh.

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