Being Bug – DAY 219

Being Bug has turned into quite the adventure! I feel like he does something new each day, so much so that it’s hard to keep track of it all. Here are some of the major things he’s been up to since the last time I posted about his development.

Sleeping: Bug’s been sleeping through the night! Well, he was doing it 2-3 nights in a row for about  week until he started teething again and got a cold. But he did it again last night so we’re hoping he sticks with it. 🙂 Also, he’s pretty much given up his pacifier during the day and during naps!

Motor Skills and Movement: So many new things! He crosses his legs at the ankles, claps, crawls backwards and can turn himself around on all fours (but no frontward crawling), he presses buttons and uses switches to turn on/off toys and lights, can move himself from a sitting position to his belly, and grabs anything he can reach while we’re out shopping. He’s also started signing and making some of his own signals.

We fixed Bug’s broken jumpy so he’s back to jumping again.

Love his little legs and slippers.

Feeding Skills: Bug gets very excited watching other people eat and makes a chewing/smacking noise and motion to show you he wants to try your food. Sometimes he shares his food with others and more often than not, steals food (especially his new fave snack, Cheddar Bunnies) from his friends! However, he’s not a fan of foods that feel slippery or mushy, has no interest in new textures, and will gag to the point of vomiting should you accidentally feed him pureed food with a cheerio.

He’s also made some sippy cup progress! He has 3 different kinds of sippy cups and I keep rotating them hoping he finds one he likes/is most successful with. He’s figured out how to hold them, tilt them, take a few sips, and swallow from them. We’ve been testing with water and occasionally watered-down juice (he’s still not a huge fan of either). I’ll be trying them with milk when he gets better with the cups. We’re trying to not encourage the habit below, which he just figured out he can do with his milk from his bottle too.

Words and Speaking: Bug doesn’t say any words yet but wow is he communicating! He is learning that if he points at objects, we’ll name them for him. We turned it into a game of, “Where is ____? There it is!” He imitates words we say, albeit only with sounds he has mastered. When we say, “Where is the light?” he turns his head and looks at it with his eyes. He does the same when we ask about the microwave, but only if we call it “beep beep”, the noise it makes when it’s heating his bottle. Yesterday he pointed at the fan when we asked him where it was (not sure if that was a fluke as he hasn’t repeated it). When we say, “clap clap”, he claps without us showing him how to do it! He looks to the front door when he hears it open. He will look at it when we say, “Who’s here?” even if he hasn’t heard the door.

Reading: Clearly he doesn’t do this yet! But he LOVES books. He loves being read to, and will “read” on his own if his favorite book is nearby. He giggles, babbles to himself, and turns the pages. Daddy Bug keeps buying book fair books, especially those that have popups, makes sounds, or move. Here Bug is reading with Drew, Aunt Mandy’s boyfriend. I’m distracting him with the camera flash 😉

One more first: Bug got his first freckle! He won’t let me take a picture of it but it’s on the top left of his forehead.

Watching his pre-bath YouTube baby videos with Daddy Bug.

Playground play date with Charlie and Lynne!

Reading with Drew

Lunch play date with Nik and Arianna - eating Mum Mums together.

Having lunch outside!

My boys in hats ❤


2 thoughts on “Being Bug – DAY 219

  1. Oh! I love his little fingers when he’s signing! And the faces when Drew is reading to him! He is absolutely adorable! I’m so glad you do such a good job of keeping everyone updated with your blog!

    • Thank you, I’m glad you keep up with your blog updates too! If only I could make money writing this blog and not go back to work… I’m pretty sure work will be the end of my dedicated blog postings 😉

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