A Difficult Morning – DAY 213

  1. Bug is teething like crazy and has a wicked runny nose to boot. Not sure if he has a cold or if it’s teething related but we have his 1 year checkup on Thursday and can ask about it then.
  2. He’s a crank and a half, as a consequence.
  3. I’m tired from a fun but late night at the Flyers game with Pappy (huge thanks to Daddy Bug for thinking of this and getting the tickets).
  4. Pappy was activated from the ARMY reserves in January and mobilized; he left this morning to report for duty.

We’ve done this before. Pappy (back when he was just “dad” and active duty) was deployed to South Korea for a year when I was in 5th grade. Thankfully, much has changed since then.

  • email (yeah, didn’t have any of that 17 years ago!)
  • Skype
  • iPhones
  • FaceTime
  • texting
  • I’m no longer a child and can cope as an adult.
  • I have experience on my side and have an idea of what to expect.
  • I’m married now and Daddy Bug is an amazing source of support.

A lot of things haven’t changed. It still sucks to say goodbye, especially when your own child has to say goodbye too. Also, the ARMY is doing their best to make this the most complicated deployment/mobilization in history.

  • We originally got the deployment news in the end of January. Pappy would be deploying to Kuwait on February 29th for 400 days. (Remember when the news reported that the US was pulling out of Iraq and all the soldiers were going home? Wrong. Some of them did. Most them were moved to Kuwait. Keep an eye out for all the Middle East goings-on. There’s a reason why they all didn’t go home.)
  • Pappy needed his official orders so he could file the appropriate paperwork and things like that with his employer so he can still have his job when he returns. But the ARMY wouldn’t send him his orders, even though he was expected to get his stuff together for 2/29.
  • He eventually discovered after calling and harassing everyone and their mother that the ARMY hadn’t officially named him for the position he would be filling in Kuwait. They were taking their time deciding if they really wanted him there. ?!?!?!
  • His deployment date was pushed back 3 times as a result.
  • When he got his orders the beginning of March, they were wrong. Instead of sending him to one ARMY base in the US, they were sending him to a different one before he deployed. And on this particular base, he wouldn’t be given housing, access to the mess hall (food), or approval to have a car. !?!?!?!?!
  • His orders were changed/amended several times to address all kinds of details that didn’t make any sense (they’re still not all fixed). Oh, and they decided he wasn’t going to Kuwait after all. At least, not right away, but they haven’t decided yet…
  • Then they couldn’t figure out how to transport him to where he needed to report, despite the fact that he and Mimi were planning on just driving him there on their own.
  • He may or may not be getting paid by the ARMY when he’s supposed to because of all the previous screw ups.

To be clear, this isn’t an anti-military rant. My childhood was all about the military, an inseparable part of my life. Never spending more than 1-3 years in one place. Not seeing my father for weeks, months, even a year. My mom forever trying to figure out when to pay the bills based on when my dad might be getting his tiny paycheck. It wasn’t “bad,” it was the lifestyle we had to live, and I’ve learned how to make the most and live a good life because of it. I’m a huge supporter of soldiers and their families. (I can’t watch those shows where the soldiers return home and surprise their families; I turn into a weeping blubbery mess and it isn’t pretty. Can you imagine what happens to me when they do specials on the soldiers that have died in the Middle East?)

What I’m upset about is the fact that the ARMY still doesn’t have their s— together. How can that be when they’re responsible for the movement of so many people, not just in the US but abroad too? I know that running the military is a big operation and I certainly wouldn’t want to coordinate it all. But people are paid to run it. So do your job and run it! MAKE IT WORK PEOPLE!


I’ll be returning to my usual type of posts later this week, I just had to let this one out. Blogging is cheap therapy, no?







3 thoughts on “A Difficult Morning – DAY 213

  1. Wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you and your family. I know that I have not had military experience as long as you but have been through two deployments in three years plus work-ups before them with Glenn. I know it didn’t get any easier the second time so I’m sure it doesn’t get easier ever! Technology made a big difference for us and I hope it does for you guys too. Mia loves skyping with my mom and sisters I’m sure bug will enjoy it! XO

    • You’re so lovely to keep us in your thoughts. The military experience sure is interesting, huh? Thank you for sharing; I can’t imagine what its like to have your spouse deployed. I think Bug will like to Skype. He’s a big fan of the computer, iPad, and iPhone, lol.

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