Splish Splash – DAY 208

And the cute pictures and blog posts keep coming this week!

Yesterday we had a fun play date with our friends Andrea and Caleb. We’ve had so many with them and love seeing how far our boys have come since the first one, back when they were 2 months (Caleb) and 3 months (Bug) old. It’s funny to see them as tiny babies and now as little boys, about 1 year old!


"I can take off my shoe." "Ooh!"

"Haha, I don't care that you're throwing your shoe at me!"

"See Mama, I can share with Caleb."

They both agreed that jumping beans are the best!

"Caleb, this is how the wheel works."

"Like this? Haha!"

Bug is so hip that he knows what duckface is. And knows how to make one.

Busy, busy, busy. "This goes here and that does that."

We ventured outside despite the weather being a little cloudier and cooler than we expected. Splash mat time!




Just diapers. ADORABLE.

"Mom, this water is kinda cold."

"Yeah Mom, he's right!"

"Get us out of here!!!"

"Waaaaaaaah!" We finally felt badly for the bathing beauties and took them out. 🙂


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