Spring Break – DAY 207

Aunt Lana came home for part of her Spring Break a few weeks ago. Despite all the stress and awfulness happening in her last semester at Temple U, she’s been so awesome with Bug when she’s home. I can’t tell you how many times she’s accompanied Bug and I on errands, distracted Bug, made him giggle… She even took care of him in the doctor’s office while I waited (an hour) to see the doctor. Even though she’s not in a happy place currently, she’s made both Bug and I very happy, and I wanted to thank her in a public way. 😛

Here are some pictures of Bug, her, and I at the park during her break.



With Aunt Lana.

Joy! (1)

Joy! (2)

Joy! (3)


4 thoughts on “Spring Break – DAY 207

  1. Thanks for the public shout-out!!! Hanging out with you and Baby Bug keep my stress levels waaaay down, so thank you for letting me hang out with you guys 🙂

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