Our 1st Sick Visit – DAY 193

As you probably read on Twitter or Facebook, Bug has been sick for about 6 days now. He’s had a cough with mucus so bad he actually puked up a big wad of it, runny nose and yellow boogies, and wheezies and rattles when he breathes. We were trying to not be the crazed, over-reactive parents that we have every right to be after Bug’s bout of RSV last June, and waited until today to see the doctor.

Cue bad mommy moment: We didn’t see the pediatrician just because of his sicky symptoms. Bug “discovered” his penis over a week ago in the bathtub. He can’t see it because of his belly but he’s very aware of its presence. I didn’t like how roughly he was handling himself, especially when he started doing it after the bath, before we put on his diaper. But I also didn’t want to make him feel like it was bad or abnormal thing to do and give him a guilt complex to haunt him for the rest of his life. He started getting these little red marks all over his genitals which I assumed were just irritation and scratches from his new activity. Upon it worsening and doing some internet research we found out he had diaper rash. Itchy, irritating, yucky diaper rash. We didn’t recognize it because he’s never had it before (we’ve been very blessed!).

So the diaper rash was a compounding factor requiring a doctor visit. Bug also developed a rash that he has had on and off before, depending on how much he’s drooling and teething at the time. Normally it’s not concerning but it spread to his face and back of his neck, so we had that checked out too.

So the doctor concluded:

  • Bug probably has a virus and his lack of both fever and junk in his lungs means there isn’t much to treat. So we’ll keep suctioning his nose for boogies and give him big pats on the back to break up the mucus. He said not to be concerned about him developing RSV because this season hasn’t been as bad as it was last year, and he’s old enough (read: lungs are mature enough) now that he wouldn’t need to be hospitalized. Plus we have his inhaler from last June if he’s really struggling to breathe.
  • We can use an athlete’s foot cream (really! yeast is a fungus after all) on the diaper rash if it worsens and do our best to make sure Bug’s boy parts are dry before putting on new diapers.
  • The drooling/teething rash is no big deal and will go away on its own. We can try to keep it dry and put A&D ointment to keep it protected from further drools.

Whew! All’s well that ends well. Insurance helped pay for Bug’s parents’ reassurance. ๐Ÿ™‚ And we found out Bug weighs a little over a whopping 24 pounds!


4 thoughts on “Our 1st Sick Visit – DAY 193

  1. Ugh. We just had our first really bad diaper rash, too. I’ve been leaving Analise’s diapers on really loose to let the air circulate in there and that made a big difference. Hope Bug’s over everything soon!

    • I read about doing that too! The rash already looks better this morning, thank goodness. He hasn’t coughed at all this morning so I think he’s finally on the mend ๐Ÿ™‚

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