iPhone Dump – DAY 191

Bug has definitely reached the age where he does something new or cool almost every day. πŸ™‚ Quick update on his coolness, plus all the moments I’ve captured on my iPhone recently.

  • The Hands Up game is the best. It also blends in well with waving (“yay!” = “hi!”) so Bug now thinks they’re the same thing.
  • He had his first tumble and bruise. He was trying to go from sitting to laying on the floor, something he isn’t very good at, and his left cheekbone on the metal key of his xylophone. No cuts or blood or anything, but he was pissed!
  • He can crawl backwards, not very well, and occasionally launches himself forward but without any distinct crawling motion. So he stills rolls to get places.
  • He can turn himself around in a sitting position using his feet and legs. Only while on the hardwood floor and barefoot though!
  • He likes to “share” toys. He chews on it first, then tries to stuff it in your mouth so you can do the same. Very sweet and yucky all at the same time. ❀
  • He has attempted a few times to pull himself up on large, low objects, but hasn’t been successful. We make him practice standing at his activity table, but he has no interest in pulling himself up on it.
  • He has his first real, serious cold. We’re on Day 3 now. Nothing like his RSV experience (I know, you’re wondering yet again, why I haven’t written that post as promised? It’s on the list.) We’re thinking this time we won’t need to go to the hospital or even the pediatrician’s office! Anyhow, it’s mostly a bad cough and a low-grade fever. He gets upset when he coughs (maybe it hurts? or brings back RSV hospitalization memories?), which is frustrating at night if he can’t calm himself down enough to go back to sleep. Poor kiddo.
  • Despite his illness, Bug is completely weaned to whole milk as of this morning! Good bye formula!

What a prepster!

Power stance.

Date night 2 Fridays ago! Drinks in the city.

Cheese board and escargot appetizers.

Proper English tea at the British pub we ate at.

Our awesome seats at the opera! Unfortunately we were both so tired we didn't make it to the last act. Ah, parenthood.


Receipt destruction.

Yep, chillin.

Striped pj's.

Sitting on the front step.

Green Lantern Baby!

Kneeling. I won't do it on my own but I won't protest if you put me that way.

Making Pappy late for work, a typical morning routine.

Hugging my Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Playing with my new drum from Joe, Sarah, & long-distance girlfriend Olivia.

Cute butt!

Reading the mail & driving, tsk tsk.

Pappy "drove" with me yesterday afternoon!


4 thoughts on “iPhone Dump – DAY 191

    • So glad you liked the picture πŸ™‚ Opera night dates are the most fun because we go all out – drinks, appetizers, dinner, multiple fun locations… We didn’t do dessert this time due to all the bread that came with our drinks and apps!

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