Bug’s Birthday Bash – DAY 188

Ahh, the highly anticipated post. Sorry it took so long… I had to compile and then edit photos from several sources since I didn’t take many myself! My thanks go to Mimi, Aunt Mandy, and Aunt Shelly for photos, and Aunt Lana for her video-taking skills.

Another big thanks to our guests, family, and friends. We are so blessed to have you in Patrick and our lives!

(Background: We had Bug’s party 3 weeks before his actual birthday because Pappy was supposed to deploy to Kuwait at the end of February – which still hasn’t happened as the ARMY can’t make up its mind!?! Anyhow, we really wanted him to be here to celebrate with Bug. A “first year” post will happen on Bug’s actual first birthday.)

~Party Prep Work~

I made the cupcakes the day before the party (with Mimi's help!)

My friend Andrea let me borrow the balloon wreath she made for her son's upcoming birthday! We hung it on the front door.

I bought the favors (bubbles!) & made the labels about 1 month before the party.

~The Day Of~

We set out the cupcakes on tiered towers.

They were homemade (not box mix!) including the icing. We used food coloring to make green & blue colors & left some uncolored for the young ones.

We hung a Happy Birthday sign, of course! (Lazy Note: It's still there.)

Blue & green was the theme. Taped the balloons to the walls since they're a choking hazard.

The food room. This was before all the awesome food was laid out - most of it came from Wegman's!

Kid food section. Cheerios, Mum-Mums, baby yogurts, mild cheddar cheese, even Gerber's apple & pear juices (not pictured).

Bug's party outfit with spectacular bed head hairstyle.

Slicked-back hair to tame the mane.

~Party Time~

With Mama Bug, Pappy, & G-G (my Gammy). 4 generations!

Genevieve, Owen, & Anthony.

Several of the 10 kids in attendance & their parents!

Bug with Daddy Bug.

The Bug Family!

Bug with Mama Bug.

With Daddy Bug & Uncle Brian.

Our little Bunsen burner needed to cool down - pants off for most of the party 😉

~Candles & Cake~

~Gift Opening~

(From Mama & Daddy Bug weeks before the party. Had to contain his pre-birthday toys before receiving new ones!)

Cool camo sunglasses. With the camo man himself, Pappy.

A car!!!!!

Oooh steering wheel.

Xylophone. He's a natural, just like his mommy. (Daddy's the music man but Mommy played percussion in high school.)

Bathing suit & UV shirt, can't wait for summer.


Dino pj's, sweet!

Shorts & t-shorts, warm weather ahead.

Birthday, birthday, birthday. I wanna roll in it.

Handmade Noah's Ark bag in the foreground; our new church bag!

Reading one of several books he received. He'll be a smartie, that's for sure!

Playing with Mommy's iPhone in a baby-proof case.


5 thoughts on “Bug’s Birthday Bash – DAY 188

    • Haha, the whole cupcake thing was entertaining! It was his first time with baked sweets or anything sugary/dessert like that wasn’t fruit. He only ate those two tiny bites and was done. He REALLY didn’t like the feeling of the icing in his hands. He feels the same way about squishing bananas and overcooked pasta in his fingers too. Yuck!

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