March Ab-ness – DAY 187

Confession: I haven’t been good about going to gym. Again. But I’m going to change that…

… and stick with this fitness plan for the month of March too. It doesn’t require me to go anywhere or change my clothes or find the right kind of music to listen to, etc. And I have a partner in crime, my friend Corinne! We’re doing a long distance March ab-ness since she lives in Maryland. We’ll be checking in with each other via text message. 😀

(Image credit goes to my friend Marisa, Zumba guru, who posted it on Pinterest!)


4 thoughts on “March Ab-ness – DAY 187

    • I have no idea what I’m doing… so I guess I’ll try to do as many as I can when I reach that point… and when I collapse before finishing, I’ll do the rest as soon as I’ve recovered? Hehe. Join us! I’ve printed the calendar image and cross off each day when I finish the exercises. 🙂

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