Amazon Mom

Back in the autumn of 2011, I signed up for Amazon Mom. I was waitlisted. I wasn’t happy. I had finally made up my mind to try it and they shut me down!

Fast forward to yesterday morning. I got an email inviting me to try Amazon Mom. Either I was taken off the list or they changed their program and now its open to everyone again. I prefer thinking my patience paid off, but whatever.

If you sign up now, you get a free 3 month trial of Amazon Mom and Amazon Prime (if you haven’t tried Amazon Prime yet, which I haven’t). After the 3 months are over (June 1, 2012 for me) it’s $79 a year to continue Mom and Prime. Daddy Bug and I are waiting to see if it’s worth it before we renew and turned off the automatic renewal feature in our account for now.

Membership Benefits:

  • 20% off diapers and wipes – 5% of that is if you set up Subscribe & Save (regular scheduled delivery of diapers/wipes) and the other 15% is if you were eligible for the Prime membership, like we were. All Subscribe & Save products are shipped for free, regardless if you have a Prime membership.
  • Special baby, toddler, and maternity product deals.
  • Free 2-day shipping on everything on the Amazon site if you were eligible for Prime, like we were.

To be clear, I’m not recommending Amazon Mom as a baby/mommy product just yet. But I’m looking forward to trying it out and letting you all know how it goes. And at this point, I’m willing to try anything that isn’t Babies R Us. 🙂

Have you tried Amazon Mom? Leave me some feedback, thoughts, and opinions please!


10 thoughts on “Amazon Mom

  1. my good friend Selena is a part of that program, and she LOVES it. I think she does more than baby stuff too…something about a buying program where she gets certain baking supplies (I’m not exactly positive).

    ALSO – dunno if you have a kindle or not but the Prime membership gets you a few free kindle books per month from their lending library 🙂

  2. You know I love Amazon Mom! I love the Prime membership. Are they still offering that for every purchase over $25 they extend the membership for a month, up to a year? I have it through for a year, but it stinks because some things…like the diapers we’re currently using can’t be sent to our APO box. Also, they changed the discount on diapers from 30% to 20% this fall. That’s probably really why I’m perturbed about them not delivering the diapers to our APO since they were still giving me the 30% discount since I’d had the subscription before they lowered it. But…I still love the prime membership and will be really sad when that trial is over!

    • Thanks Lisa! I don’t think that offer is current any longer. I haven’t come across it anyway. I noticed they changed some of the benefits since I first looked into it last fall 😦

      • And it sucks that because you’re overseas you can’t get the product you want! Will you try a different kind of diaper or just not order them through Amazon anymore?

      • You know, it’s weird because some things from Amazon we can get shipped to our APO, but some we can’t. We’ve been using Luvs diapers and I feel like they seem to work best for Analise. She seemed to have more blowouts with the Huggies and Pampers and Luvs were cheaper, so we tried them and liked them best. Pampers can still be delivered to the APO, so I’ll have to compare prices when the need comes up. I added two extra Subscribe & Save shipments before we left and had them shipped with our household goods, so we should be good on diapers for a few months, so I’m hoping to see how much things cost around here and see if maybe the Pampers work better now that she’s not pooping quite as many times per day.

        Another comment that probably won’t be relevant to anyone else, I was disappointed that my Amazon Prime membership wasn’t transferable to, but shipping here seems to be pretty quick. I like the free return shipping from Prime, though. It seems nice since it could be tricky to order some things online. It’s nice to know you can return it for free. 🙂

  3. I didn’t know about Amazon Mom but I had a free trial of the prime membership and loved it. We get most things delivered in less than 48 hours here because we are so close to the distribution center and I love books so…. it wasn’t a good combination for my wallet. Too bad you had to wait so long to try it! It probably would have been nice to have the diaper discounts in the early days! …or you could go to cloth and pay only $300 for diapers and wipes for 2 babies like I did but you have to like doing wash for that! I’ll have to go see what they have on discount! Thanks.

    • Thanks Rachel! I’m super excited about having Amazon Prime 🙂 Daddy Bug and I are big on books and we end up ordering lots of things from Amazon on a regular basis.

      I wish we had gotten Amazon Mom when we started buying diapers and was kinda pissed when I was wait listed! I don’t think I’ll do the cloth diapering thing now that I’ve seen all the different kinds of poop Bug can make… I had been turning it over in my mind, especially since we starting talking about having another baby (not anytime soon, this is so NOT an announcement, people!). I believe I saw that Amazon carries cloth diapering products, in the brief look-over I did this morning.

  4. We LOVED it when we were getting diapers and wipes regularly! The prices were very competitive and at the time I joined, I was able to earn a free year by how much I spent on baby products. Also, the free 2 day shipping just can’t be beat, especially since you are planning to return to work. During the weeks before Christmas, I think we had UPS deliveries every day. Since I have been back to work, I didn’t do any of my Christmas shopping in brick and mortar stores this past year. That is weird that you had been “wait-listed”.

    • Thanks Katie! I also did almost all my Christmas shopping online but didn’t have Prime at the time… I would have if I hadn’t been wait listed! (I’ll be doing more working mom posts in the future, as we start looking for child care and I gear up for work again – please come back and share your experiences!!! I’ll be needing it!)

      I think Amazon realized that their discounts were so good they weren’t attaining the profit margins they were accustomed to. Perhaps that’s why they’ve made the changes we’ve been discussing.

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