The Academy Awards – DAY 184

No, I didn’t watch the Oscars. I intended to, but the Mike Holmes “Holmes on Homes” marathon captured my attention. I also passed out on the couch sometime around 8:30pm. What can I say, I’ve been tired all weekend. (Ex. Daddy Bug and I had date night on Friday in the city. Neither of us could stay awake long enough to watch the final act of the opera we had tickets to and it was only 10pm. Sigh!)

So, if you’re like me (slightly narcoleptic) and want to catch up on what you missed, I found the following resources.

  1. 10 Oscar Things You Need to Know: A little snarky but it covers all the main events from last night.
  2. 2012 Oscars Mysteries Solved: Fun details from the night, including an Oscars drinking game played during the show. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2 thoughts on “The Academy Awards – DAY 184

  1. haha don’t feel bad. I find myself falling asleep whenever the heck I can GET sleep now. I imagine having a small child is similar to being pregnant that way. I have never felt more excited to have slept for 2 hours straight… completely uninterrupted.

    And the Oscars were…eh. I, as always, was super jealous of all those fabulous dresses. And the whole part where Billy Crystal joked about “nothing like Rich people gathering for an evening wearing dresses that cost more than your house to remind you you’re in a recession” …PRICELESS.


    • Bug didn’t gestate long enough for me to experience the kind of nights you’ve been having, but when I was first pregnant with him, I would come home from work and nap until Daddy Bug made dinner. We would eat dinner and I would nap again until 7-ish. I’d wake up again to frantically finish my grad assignments due that evening, and then go to bed around 8:30. Narcoleptic indeed! It also doesn’t help that I just plain love sleeping.

      We had a good night on Friday – Bug didn’t wake up for his middle of the night bottle. So even though we went to bed late, we got 7 hours in a row. That hasn’t happened since Bug was born! For once I was happy to get him out of bed and get the day started. ๐Ÿ™‚

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