February Friends – DAY 182

Earlier this month Bug and I had a fun lunch and play date with our friends Andrea and Caleb. We met new friends too; Jordan and Teddy! It’s always so interesting to see babies of similar age spend time together and see all the cool things they can do. 🙂

The following are a combination of photos that both Jordan and I took (yes, a social event during which I remembered to take pictures, I know!).

The three boys (with Andrea & I).

The three boys again (I'm taking a picture, it seems.)

Teddy and Bug. So happy to meet another baby with tons of hair!

Jordan, Teddy, and Bug. Note that Teddy wore his tie and shirt 🙂

Three of the cutest baby boys! They'll all be 1 year old by April.

Jordan and Bug! He LOVED her, so sweet ❤

Bug loved this table so much - as it turned out, he received the exact same one as a birthday gift!

Bug and Andrea, adorable as always.

A serious photo of Caleb.

What a cutie pie! Both he and Bug wore their overalls this day.

Bug and I 😀

Bug and Teddy

The 3 kids again.


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