Calling All Birthday Photos! – DAY 181

I was a little preoccupied during Bug’s first birthday bash, and only took 2 photos the entire time. This seems to be my mommy photographer trend. 😦 Aunt Lana did a great job as videographer when he blew out the candle, but I forgot to ask someone (anyone) else to take pictures with my camera. So, if you took ANY PICTURES AT ALL, please email or text them to me! I can’t do a birthday post until I have them. 😉 The birthday post hinges upon your input!!!


Moving on… Bug update time. It’s like he decided after having his first birthday party, he suddenly needed to be a big kid. Bullet format again, as I can’t seem to remember to post the new things he does the days they happen.

  • Teeth! His two top front teeth are still working their way out of his gums and I noticed 2 days ago there is at least one (probably two) more that haven’t come through yet but are visible in his gums. We ❤ Tylenol, as you can imagine.
  • He currently prefers crunchier foods to make his gums feel better. Did I mention Cheerios are a favorite now? We’re giving him more table food (I’m trying to be more relaxed about it, really). He likes bread, soft veggies and potatoes in soups or stews, shredded mild cheese (sharp cheddar was a bad choice), and baby yogurts from Gerber. He did NOT like the tiny pieces of banana or pasta I gave him. I think it’s a textural thing.
  • We’ve introduced whole milk to his bottle. We’re doing it gradually as Bug doesn’t like changes he isn’t in charge of. This means in a 6 ounce bottle, he takes 2 ounces hot water, 2 ounces concentrated formula, and 2 ounces whole milk. Then it gets microwaved for 13 seconds. A little crazy, I know, but so far it hasn’t reduced the amount of liquid he takes in. I think we’ll increase the milk amount weekly.
  • Sippy cup training is… going. I fill the cup with warm water because he doesn’t really like water, but is more willing to drink it if it’s warm. I have a weird child. He’s getting better at actually taking in liquid from the cup, but is way more interested in chewing on the bottom of the cup or trying to shoot water out of the mouth piece. He saw his older buddy Ryan using a sippy  cup at the birthday party and tried to take it from him, and since then has been a bit more interested in using his own cup.
  • When Bug is frustrated, he puts his hands on his hips. I have NO IDEA where he learned that!!! 😉
  • He stares at Mama Bug and Daddy Bug when they kiss each other, like he can’t believe that he isn’t the only one who gets kisses.
  • I  think Bug said his first word. It sounds a lot like “yay” and he says it if we do it first. Usually this happens when Bug plays his new favorite game, Hands Up. If he says it on his own I think that officially makes it his first word.
  • Hands Up goes a little like this. Bug is tired of sitting in his high chair at dinner. He lifts his hands up high over his head, and all 4 of us adults (Mimi and Pappy too!) copy him and shout “Hands up!” (I think it’s related to when we first put him in the chair and I asked him to put his hands up so I could put the tray on without pinching him.) Sometimes we initiate the game too. Anyhow, when all hands are  up we say “Yay!” and he repeats it, getting louder as he gets more excited.
  • Bug’s favorite sound to make is “Dit dit dit” or “dut dut dut” or “dadada”. He likes to move his voice up and down as he repeats the sound.
Pictures and videos that I did remember to take:

He wouldn't wake from his morning nap one day.

Rolling over in the bath!

I like to stand if you put me in that position and give me something to lean on!

Camo outfit! Doesn't he look older all of a sudden?

Playing guitar with Daddy Bug. I love musicians!

Spending the afternoon outside 🙂 We had a really nice few days!

Serious face.

Petting the tree.

Don’t forget, please send me your birthday pictures!!! Keep an eye out for that post soon.


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