Crafting in 2012 – DAY 172

As you’ve seen in my Christmas and Valentine’s Day posts, I’ve embraced the crafting world this year. I figure I have time to do it now and won’t when I return to work in the fall! Bug’s baby book/scrapbook, my ultimate craft, is still a work in progress. I haven’t take any pictures of it yet like I promised but soon, soon! Here are some other projects I’ve worked on.


Cards are big. Thank you cards, valentines, birthday cards, new baby cards… they’re a great craft because they can be as simple or as intricate as you are comfortable with attempting. I err on the simple side. 😉 I’ve been using my Cricut paper cutter and the basic cartridges that came with it. I use cardstock to make the cards and envelopes so they’re sturdy enough to be mailed. I use regular scrapbook paper for the decorations and details so the card doesn’t get too bulky.

Here’s one I made for our friends Joe & Sarah, and their new baby, Olivia.


Inside with note and baby stickers.

Back side.

I also made a really cute first birthday card for Daddy Bug’s cousin’s baby’s first birthday but forgot to take a picture. 😦 That’s the double-edge sword aspect about crafting cards, you give them away!


I really like beading! My Aunt Cleo taught me some beading basics when we were making my wedding favors, wine bottle cutting boards with decorative beading at the neck.

Difficult to see the beading but it's at the top through the plastic bag.

I used just the basic skills she taught me to make these ID rings for a wine and cheese party we went to a few weeks ago. (They’re useful if you put your glass down so you don’t confuse it with someone else’s.) I bought the beads and materials from The Potomac Bead Company.

I wanted to make more, but designing and figuring out how to make 5 rings in an hour or two's worth of time was all I was capable of!

Beading and beading wire tools were necessary. I also needed wire cutters for the "spring" material, as it is super durable and more difficult to cut than regular wire.

I made two types of rings as I didn't know which would be easier to make and use.

Ring #1: I used straight pins and a spring type of wire. Ultimately I liked the way this type looked best. It goes on your glass the same way you put keys on a spiral key ring.

Ring #2: I used a hoop earring for this ring, no straight pin necessary.

Ring #2: The hole in the back of the hoop earring base turned out to be a great way to open and close the ring so you can attach it to your glass.

I’ll be making another set of rings soon to give away as a prize for someone on my March for Babies walking team!


3 thoughts on “Crafting in 2012 – DAY 172

  1. um. can you teach me how to be you? because I fear I will never be crafty. perhaps I will mail you pictures of leah and send you money to make me a scrapbook LOL

    In all seriousness, I LOVE those rings. How cute are they!?

  2. Being crafty takes time and patience! Time to envision what you want, time to plan it out, time to actually finish the craft (I’m good at starting things but waiting forever to finish them), patience to be ok with whatever your level of ability is at the time, and patience to roll with whatever you end up making in the end. Really, everything I make is an experiment and I never know how it will turn out! If I wasn’t on leave right now I wouldn’t be making any of these things 😉

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