11 Months Old – DAY 166

I’m so happy, Bug is 11 months old today! We’re getting ready for his first birthday party (two Sundays from now) but I’ll write more about that later.

For now, lets catch up on all that is new in Bug’s world. We’re thinking about starting to wean him from formula (blech) and move him to cow’s milk. I thought that would be made easier by not serving his formula warm and have been working on slowly dialing down the temperature for him. He hasn’t appreciated it so far. And then it was suggested that perhaps just transitioning him to the milk first, and then changing the temperature later, might work better. And just make more sense! (Thanks Mimi.) I don’t know why, but I thought heating milk was an odd thing to do.

He has lots of new behaviors:

  • “helps” adults clap by wrapping his hands around the adult’s hands
  • bangs toys together (will actual clapping come soon?)
  • does a slow high five (seen in the Cheerios video further in this post)
  • intentionally waves, but only when he feels like it
  • rocks his body back and forth if he likes the music being played (and sometimes without music playing which concerns Daddy Bug greatly, lol)
  • scoots backwards on the floor without much success, and in his crib with great success
  • rolls to get everywhere in place of crawling
  • makes a clicking noise with his tongue
  • loves making excited noises and shrieks, accompanied by stiff legs and arms straight up in the air
  • imitates us more and more, including laughing, “arms up, arms down”, and wiggling his fingers
  • puts his arms up if he wants to be picked up
  • stands assisted and sometimes will hold onto furniture to stand but only if put in those positions (he doesn’t pull himself up yet)
  • is handling crowds, crying kids, and excess heat better (think birthday parties and family gatherings)

We decided not to Ferberize Bug (not yet at least) as he’s been teething. Also, he’s up once or twice a night again, not 3 or 4 or 5 times. He’s been relatively easy to settle down and go back to sleep when he does wake and we’re grateful for that!

Pictures and Videos:

It snowed in January! My snowman and snowflake deco finally fit in.

Cutie in the high chair. Check out his bed head!

Wearing his "Thing" pjs, a gift from Daddy Bug's coworker.

Hanging with Daddy Bug.

Self portrait #1 (taken with Daddy Bug's iPhone).

Self portrait #2 (also taken with Daddy Bug's iPhone).

Wearing Mimi's scarf around his head!


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