Under the Sea – DAY 165

We went to Adventure Aquarium on Superbowl Sunday morning. Turns out it was a great time to go, almost no crowds until we left! It was Bug’s first time visiting the aquarium.

They have sharks here?!

Is that a gator?!

He's BIG!

Hi Mikey!

Staring each other down.

Ooooh lights!

Bubbles bubbles bubbles. My bubbles! (Name that movie...)

I grin for seahorses.

With Daddy Bug.

Can we keep him?

Buuuut I only have 2 teeth.

Checking out the big tank.

So serious ❤

The jellies are cool but I just want to play with my chewy tube, Mom. No more pictures.

Here are a few of the good shots I took of the aquatic creatures we saw.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this inside the aquarium!

While we’re no longer nursing, no one was waiting to use it so I fed my super-distracto baby his bottle in there. It included a small table, comfy nursing chair, a mirror to make sure boobies get tucked in, and a changing table. I was extremely impressed.

We ended our visit with a quick look at the gift shop (eek expensive!) and a family picture on the Camden Waterfront.


7 thoughts on “Under the Sea – DAY 165

    • My only issue is how expensive it was! Kids under 2 are free but adults are just over $25 each, plus we paid $10 for parking. We had a great time and I was so happy he enjoyed it as much as I did, but we paid the same to see the much bigger, better National Aquarium in Baltimore a few summers ago. Camden just doesn’t compare, lol. I’m hoping that Bug will get to go again in the future on a field trip or during summer camp or something that has a discount associated with it.

  1. I love that there is a nursing room there! I can’t tell you how many times I had to nurse Mia in the car and it would have been so much nicer to have someplace like that inside. Just think of your 25 bucks going toward maintaining that! 🙂

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