Preemie Things – DAY 163

Came across this article in one of my preemie parenting message boards on Facebook. As it turns out, the mother’s psychological response to giving birth to a preemie is the same as a mother whose child has a chronic illness. (Aren’t the long-term health issues that preemies can have considered chronic illnesses?) The good news is that the more quickly the mother can deal with the grief she is experiencing, the better and more secure her bond will be with her preemie. “Successfully getting over grief may require the mother to redirect her expectations and hopes for her child during uncertain circumstances, and mourn the ‘hoped-for child’ as she still embraces the child she has.” Ugh, an accurate description. Also, the extent of the baby’s prematurity didn’t affect how quickly mothers dealt with their grief. “Because mothers of healthy preterms were just as likely to have unresolved feelings of grief after preterm birth as mothers of sicker preterms, it suggests that the experience of trauma and grief following a preterm birth is very individual, and difficult to predict.”

Onto something more positive in nature, someone found my blog in a Google search for “march for babies facebook cover”. I couldn’t replicate the results but I think it’s awesome they found my blog searching for something as worthy as March for Babies!


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