Birth Control, Vaccines, & Motherly Support – DAY 159

It’s another media roundup!

Mommas who don’t want another baby yet (and ladies who don’t want to be mommas yet… or ever), check your birth control pills! And use a backup method! Pfizer put out a recall on certain lots of their BC pills as some packs have too many or too few “active pills” (the baby blockers), or the pills are out of order, thus screwing up the levels of hormones you receive with each pill. You read that correctly, they’re not entirely sure which issue each affected pack has, so using these pills is kind of like family planning Russian roulette. Can’t wait to see the lawsuits that pop up in the next few years. EEK!


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has adjusted 3 of their children vaccine schedule recommendations.

  1. Boys should be vaccinated for HPV, and at an earlier age.
  2. A booster dose of the meningococcal vaccine is necessary for 16 year olds to safely see them through college.
  3. The annual flu vaccine is now recommended for almost all kids 6 months and older, including those with mild egg allergies (those with stronger allergies should NOT get the vaccine).


Children whose mothers nurture them more have a larger hippocampus (structure in their brain responsible for learning, memory, and stress response). I’m pretty sure most people are aware that loving your kids and showing them your love and support is good for them, but it’s interesting to see a change in the brain as proof.


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