New Layout? – DAY 158

Just quickly…

I finally picked a new layout for this blog! It’s much more customizable than the previous layout I was using (I can change the header, background, add a slider of my posts or photos, change the color of links, etc.). I’ll probably stick with this layout since I have much more control over how it looks, and can change it when I get bored with it. I’m not done with it yet but I think it easier to read with a lighter background. I’ll be doing something special with the header soon. I chose the purple theme to go with my March for Babies fundraiser button. 🙂 Don’t forget to click on it to learn more about my fundraising and walk, if you haven’t yet.

March for Babies

If you have any suggestions for the layout, comment away!


4 thoughts on “New Layout? – DAY 158

  1. It feels so good! Certainly took long enough. I’m much more comfortable with using WordPress now and am very excited to customize my layout more than I did before.

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